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  1. arrived this morning from across the pond, staring out the window to this is nice. glad i bought it.
  2. just made a huge order on juno and bleep - ordered this along with l - event, the new bochum welt and the new darcangelo. pretty psyched for the mailman to come.
  3. x0x box is essentially the same and you can get an assembled one for a bit cheaper on ebay - it doesnt have those pretty LEDs or the same kind of enclosure as the 303 though. http://www.ladyada.net/make/x0xb0x/
  4. really liking these sounds. what kit are you using for fm? i've been sitting on the prospect of buying a tx81z just to have an FM and this is solidifying that decision
  5. gonna start making beats as lionel glitchy
  6. wasnt too thrilled with the first one but after hearing different (wip) and relistening to the first one i find myself really wanting to hear what else will be on the release. nice work!
  7. pretty much what the title says. if anyone is willing to sell, please make an offer
  8. hopefully like something we haven't heard before that only he is capable of until someone copies it
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4HrcebQK50 my fav
  10. andihow

    Rushup Edge Album

    my morning alarm. never failed to get me outta bed.This is a bad idea. Whenever I set something to be my alarm it gives me a subconscious negative feeling whenever I hear it anytime later. I would not want to do that with music I enjoy. Well, it happens when you don't properly choose your music as alarms. It's been years that I'm using Xtal as my alarm in the morning and as my ringtone and I have never bad feelings when I hear it. It's so perfect that I just love listening to it and actually it makes more pleasant the moment when you receive a phone call you don't want to pick up... You just listen to the music and enjoy it. Lately I have switched to In A Silent Way by Miles Davis as an alarm (Bill Laswell mix) and I' m in awe every morning, still not gettong bad vibrations about it. I reckon that it may happen tho. I used some Flanger's track as a ringtone and it took me a while to get the feeling of a phone ringing when listening to it for pleasure. Wanna laugh? My text message ringtone is now Rock'n Roll ain't Noise Pollution by AcDc and I love it, makes me want to listen to it every time. yeah i think shiz ko e would be an awesome alarm and would make waking up a hundred times more awesome so it would be associated with waking up awesomely i have mine as monolith - f-tron and waking up is usually a pleasure
  11. i know he uses james brown - cold sweat at some point on drukqs.. not sure how helpful that is edit: break at 2:02
  12. andihow


    looks like i might actually unhack and update the firmware on my ps3 and legitimately buy this game. i know im new here but can i be in the watmm heist crew guyz? pls?
  13. so there really is no reason he hasn't released anything lately..
  14. i am sick and at work sippin on some earl grey. also got a water.
  15. honestly guys it makes perfect sense that RDJ is a physics professor, art director on movies and a millwright.
  16. I enjoy it. It sounds great and way better than the TAL one in my opinion.
  17. OMG GUYS ..No but seriously ? They sound somewhat aphexy.
  18. the tuss being in my studio being on the internet i get antsy without these things
  19. I also have an MPK mini, it might be just what youre looking for. it feels "just a little" like a keyboard but the guy above me is right, the velocity is bullshit. Having only 2 octaves does start to feel restrictive at times as does not having a pitch/mod wheel but the knobs and pads are convenient. Also, I never use it but it has an arpeggiator. Fits nicely in a backpack with a laptop and is self usb powered.
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