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  1. Morpheus


    Ok I significantly expanded the international shipping areas. Sorry for the mixup. And all the spam!
  2. Morpheus


    do you only ship to north america or am I doing something wrong Oh shit yeah sorry. I'm trying to figure out how to ship outside of North America. What country in particular if you don't mind me asking? I'll try to get this sorted out soon.
  3. Morpheus


    I'm glad you started this thread, because I feel a little less bad about a shameless plug: https://patienttraveler.com/ The shirts are very soft and high quality. Also, type in the discount code WATMM at checkout for 2 bucks off each shirt. So that should come to $15 a shirt.
  4. OH SHIT IMPOTENT WHITE CAPITALIST! Since u mentioned collages:
  5. Nice paintings marcjday. Do you do them in one sitting or do you wait for certain things to dry and layer things over time?
  6. Thanks, I use alot of paint thinner and a big brush to do the blends. Oil paint makes gradients fun. Yah, beautiful gradients, yo. The graphic elements with gradients looks great! If I had extra extra extra money I'd ask if "It Was Raining Stars" was for sale (cuz it'd cost like $400 extra just to send it over), because it's a nice piece but also that horizontal-line type flaw in the center is some sort of juxtaposition of smooth/flat and *gash*, which I suppose life is sort of like. Because life is not perfect, but it can still be beautiful. thanks! about that flaw - that horizontal line is the result of poor/cracked priming of the canvas. It's good to hear it doesn't ruin the piece. I've convinced myself I'm ok with it at this point.
  7. Interesting, thanks. Good to know it actually works for some people. Good idea about experimenting with cheaper ads before scaling up..
  8. Hey I was wondering if anyone here had any experience promoting small business - something like a music label or clothing store, that type of thing? I have a site to sell t-shirts (i know! there's already too many of those) The products and the site are ready to go but i don't really have any plans for "marketing". Anyone actually buy ads on Facebook or Google? It's really hard to tell if I'd just be throwing my money away with these things.
  9. Thanks, I use alot of paint thinner and a big brush to do the blends. Oil paint makes gradients fun.
  10. ah why not, here's a bunch more: Tree of the Quiet Minds - 34.5" x 43" Good Morning World - 17" x 12" Radiance - 30" x 40" Into the Melting Canyon - 27" x 51.5"
  11. Very nice isumber, especially the first photo(s). I haven't posted in this thread in a loooong time so here are some paintings from the past few years. Sorry it's not "recent"! All oil on canvas: Warm Cloud Dawn - 39.5" x 51" Cloud Religion - 30" x 32" It Was Raining Stars - 54" x 41" In the Clearing - 24" x 18.5"
  12. Sounds really nice. I hope the rest of the album is just as good.
  13. I've also been listening to a lot of Open Mike Eagle recently. I really like his lyrics and delivery, but I feel like the production/beats on the albums sometimes leaves something to be desired. But his latest album is really a step up in that department - really really solid, not a single skippable track on there.
  14. Seconded. Really beautiful. Usually I don't find the contexts/stories behind the songs super important to the actual songs themselves, but the fact he wrote it for/in-memory-of Trish Keenan from Broadcast makes it even more emotional. Those vocals!
  15. did a little photoshopping for a possible album cover:
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