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  1. includes the word 'capitalism' so it's immediately bad.
  2. landlords are only allowed to put their heads under a guillotine
  3. belgian psych sludge postmetal. good stuff
  4. can't wait for that rocket to escape earth!
  5. i dont think i've ever played any civ game...i am not good with those type of games...and i am not so good at civilization either it turns out...maybe we live in a civ type sim...shit
  6. i know danny carey is a beast but... damn ha, i wonder what crazy drums he would do along to autechre...
  7. I concede that. lets say hundreds of thousands are malnourished and thousands die due to lacking health care.
  8. Tales from the Loop was a nice change to the usual sci-fi that is around. Slower paced and more about the atmosphere than the pewpew and the aesthetic was great as I've liked Stålenhag's art ever since I first bumped into it. Zerozerozero I binged in a couple of days, very good series about getting a large shipment of cocaine from Mexico to Italy following all three parties involved, the cartel, the broker and the 'ndrangheta. from the same writer who did gomorrah just started david simon's new series the plot against america. an alt history show about a jewish family in a america where a nazi sympathizing charles lindbergh becomes the US president.
  9. good honest stoner/psych from ostrobothnia https://icaptain.bandcamp.com/album/livets-h-rda-konstskola
  10. Even after three years it's still unbelievable that Donald fucking Trump is the president of the USA. I mean what kind of country sees a man like that and thinks 'yeah, he'll be a good head of state'. Americans have been so brow-beaten with stories of American exceptionalism and overall just-world fallacy that even the thought to even slightly improve things and elect people that are even a little accountable is seemed as some far-way dream or simply impossible. I just don't get how Americans are fine with how the county is run and how the wealth keeps going to fewer and fewer people as millions starve or dies from a lacking healthcare system if not getting shot to pieces in some pointless massacre that happen seemingly every week somewhere. At least the past March month was the first month since 2002 where there wasn't someone shooting up a school. Sure, sounds like a completely fine country to have.
  11. recent discovery that has been in heavy rotation. very like
  12. When I was at their last gig here, there were signs saying the the venue would be dark when they were performing. I guess it's a thing that upsets people.
  13. azatoth


    it's worth a watch. lynch at his most 'normal' and sting in his nice blue plastic speedos
  14. probably a little mention that they have done some remix for some obscure band.
  15. new autechre music got the roni and died
  16. this is exciting, my first pandemic! the new decade is off to a great start, with that old climate change catastrophe looming on the horizon already, what's a pandemic on top of that. I am sure there are more on the way. And then having the most incompetent leaders in charge of major powers, what could go wrong.
  17. It will be fun to see the general election with two demented doddering fools sundowning in the debates. The orange fool will win of course because America.
  18. call center dealing with morons. it's a job, but i'd much rather do something where I am not answering phones or having scheduled breaks.
  19. keep in mind that jordan is someone who almost died from a little cider...i guess also being on some meat only diet doesn't help. bottom line is he's a mess that should clean his room
  20. so what happened to jordan b...has a debate with zizek and then ends up in rehab for benzos in russia?
  21. I would like to see them proper live, no crap festival gig, in my neck of the woods but not holding my breath. I guess they need to arrange their international tour around Keenan's wine harvesting season.
  22. Big fan of SR. IMO he is in the same echelon as Aphex and Autechre. Been doing it for a good while and has consistently put out quality material and has shaped his own unique sound over the years. Will be getting this.
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