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  1. this is exciting, my first pandemic! the new decade is off to a great start, with that old climate change catastrophe looming on the horizon already, what's a pandemic on top of that. I am sure there are more on the way. And then having the most incompetent leaders in charge of major powers, what could go wrong.

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  2. 1 hour ago, ignatius said:

    i hadn't heard about the benzo thing in russia until the other day when someone mentioned it. medically induced coma for 8 days. wtf. 

    i'm calling bullshit on them not being able to find treatment in "the west".  benzo withdrawal is well understood and tapering off them is common practice. sudden withdrawal is not recommended i guess that's why they put him in a coma. i mean.. wtf. you're supposed to take 6 months to a year to taper. it's a horrible experience. he's going to be well fucked up for a while because the central nervous system goes fucking haywire. sudden withdrawal can cause psychosis and be fatal.  


    keep in mind that jordan is someone who almost died from a little cider...i guess also being on some meat only diet doesn't help.

    bottom line is he's a mess that should clean his room

  3. I will probably suffer through TROS out of a sense of duty. The new trilogy was a big tube of focus-tested slop, pretty and well produced but that's all. The Mandalorian is where Star Wars should be looking at. Small stories, fresh perspectives. But I guess everyone's so dulled to anything more subtle than a hammer.

  4. On 12/17/2019 at 9:15 AM, Nebraska said:


    The slave-owning galaxy brain framers never thought what happens when the checks and balances fails when one party is supporting a corrupt president and has control of the senate and has no intention of acting as a fair juror.

  5. The Mandalorian is like those western old serials, you know like the kind the OT is based on, and samurai movies. Gunslinger saves a child, because he himself was an orphan once, goes from town to town, does odd jobs/beats bad guys to get by. He probably has a place where he is taking the kid to. Maybe the Mandalorians have some sort of ancient arrangement with the Yoda-species yet to be revealed.

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