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  1. I think it comes down to different cultural context for the n-word between someone born and raised in the US and someone who isn't. Europe has it's own brand of racism and the n-word doesn't have the same history as it does in the US.
  2. will deffo check this out, samples sounded lush
  3. this is a dope af album. ear candy
  4. when i found out that rrose was sutekh i was like wtf.
  5. just listened it on my commute to work. sounds like rrose for sure. but needs more listens to get a proper impression
  6. i see one of the many legendary shitposters has made an appearance...salutations
  7. You know that idiot would vote for Trump You know this idiot will keep voting Trump/GOP no matter what.
  8. how do you feel about the republican party who have and still is supporting trump?
  9. i think ukkonen still around. i guess working on new stuff. there was this track that came out this summer https://ukkonen.bandcamp.com/track/on-and-off-a-nonagon
  10. when it came out i was already on my away from tool and music like it, but being the fanboy i of course listened to it and much like other have said it kind of felt uneven. solid tracks certainly. got to see them live in concert too, which was nice. but it didn't stick with me as earlier albums did. but FI is certainly a way better album. purestrain tool...genuinely surprised how much i like it...
  11. yah, this is a dope album. kinda reminds me a bit how ukkonen makes me feel with odd rhythms swiriling around
  12. Spineless Dems finally doing something. Not sure if it will lead to anything other than more unhinged tweets from the Cheeto Benito.
  13. what's a couple of more weeks/months after 13 years? this album is growing more solid after every listen...it's weird...
  14. The pervasive cult of individuality that has ingrained US culture for at least a century is what is stopping any real progress to be made. If a big collective push for progressive things is to be made, then you have a fight against gerrymandering and lobbyists and a significant portion of the population so far gone in their brainwashing to be of any use to a movement. Just look at the approval rating of Trump, hovering around 40%, even with the avalanche of BS coming out from the WH. That group has a strong crab mentality. And honestly, the average american is dumb as fuck.
  15. BoC peel session ordered. completes my BoC vinyl collection (of all the ones that can be reasonably be acquired). the inclusion of XYZ is a nice bonus.
  16. someone offered 1000usd to buy it off me on discogs. i was seriously tempted, but they found a cheaper option somewhere. this was my first contact with someone ultrarich. hired of luxury concierge service to deal with plebs like me.
  17. drunk danny rambling about stuff...apparently played with jeff buckley for a while
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