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  1. definitely feeling the reflection vibe on this track. perhaps they went with the most 'traditional' sounding track as the single and the other tracks are different. sounds like tool that's for sure. chapeau to them for creating their unique sound that is instantly recognizable as them. i will probably have it on heavy rotation once it's released and then not listen to it for a long while or until i need more twäng in my music diet from the usual bleepy bloopy shit. lol checked the limited edition cd, expensive as fuck and all kind of bells and whistles.
  2. amazon dropped it. i see that cliff martinez was behind the music, the soundtrack any good? to be on topic...i've been binging through mad men, i get the acclaim it got...jon hamm is one handsome man too. also the last season of legion is shaping up to be a great one. easily my favourite superhero series. wonderfully surreal with some neat choices.
  3. One thing is sure, a significant percentage will still keep voting Tory even after the UK is in ruins.
  4. For a bunch of "patriots" ToiletPaperUS sure don't know what their dumb symbols look like to let that slip by.
  5. Dem establishment leaders are useless as usual in actually doing their job, which is to keep the executive branch accountable. Nope, can't do impeachment, while there are concentration camps on the southern border and the administration is full on corruption. It seems that the GOP are playing by a completely different set of rules (or lack of them) and the only thing the Dems are worrying about it is decorum and optics. That has been the MO for the past two decades. And the media is also absolutely useless on calling out Trump & co. corruption and bullshit. Sure, the NYT or some other 'liberal' rag can have an article critical of Trump but at the same time they have a human interest story about some nazi that got fired from their job because they were a nazi and how sad that made them feel. No need to mention the propaganda channel Fox News. The US is one of those shithole countries Trump whined about.
  6. classic early 2000s sounding idmz. me likey, cuz it was the stuff that got me into this sort of music (and also posting on this forsaken forum)
  7. From what I've seen from Trumps racist tweets and the reaction about them, it seems that being called a racist is far worse than actually being a racist.
  8. what an absolute treat this one is. weapons grade stompers
  9. their bandcamp sells out fast but there will be available copies at other vendors closer to the release date.
  10. si minor plus est ergo nihil sunt omnia also there was no before the big bang
  11. The establishment dems, the Bidens and Pelosis, need to be purged from the party before they can move left (basically towards the center). Polls show that the average voter are more left-leaning than the platforms of the current D front-runners. Beto did a dumb thing with his comment on a "war tax" on families without service members and should have run for the senate instead, which would have been more useful than a lame presidential run. If the Dems choose Biden as their candidate Trump will win again.
  12. azatoth


    i must have been more stoned than i thought last night...i swore i listened to two hours of ae after the boc mix
  13. can i haz mix in wav plz
  14. azatoth


    that's just the first part, they did two 2hr sets, right?
  15. azatoth


    so where could one acquire all of the ae sets from the weekend?
  16. i like this breathy one....what is it? reminds me of demdike edit: oh there it is...nice thx
  17. i guess it's a mix of stuff that they got inspiration of. who knows, maybe some of the tracks have been sampled in their productions.
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