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  1. Will they release a single or don't they want to release a piece of music that is going to be about 15% of the albums total running time.
  2. Less Star Wars is good, IMO. Their quality has been declining. Hope the last one will stick the landing to close that chapter of the saga and then no movie Star Wars for awhile. The Mandalorian does look dope, though
  3. With only one new trilogy a few years away, I wonder if Disney is going to put their Star Wars effort in their streaming service and let Marvel do the cinemas.
  4. New track Los is on the faecbook page. 12 minute more Plaid-y sounding than the previous ones, but they are definitely going for something different with this one.
  5. Looks and seems to work alright. A couple of minor gripes: a darker theme, especially the message body is too bright for my taste move the name of the poster in the quote box heading to the front instead of the time it was posted the search doesn't seem to work, or is that a known issue already..or then i don't know how to use it...some results do come up, the active ones I guess
  6. just lol...so the big scary existential threat over all these seasons got dealt within one episode in the most cheesiest way ever and now it's back to some silly squabble about some chair.
  7. this sounds nice...didn't really feel the last one to be honest....the shipping from the states was a lol, , good that it will be on juno
  8. Not really impressed by these first two episodes, just a bunch of talking and fan service. Unfortunately looks like the next episode will just be a big ol' boring fight for the whole episode but at least it will move the plot forward. Still have a feeling this whole season will end with the worst episodes of the series. The quality has been going down the last couple of seasons.
  9. Peterson was in no way prepared for this debate and I don't think he's even read Marx or anything on marxism. He was just straw-manning and got beat by said straw-man by a guy who lives in a dumpster behind the university. A real philosopher vs a charlatan.
  10. Will NuWATMM also be owned by Disney
  11. I believe in the upgrade when I see it.
  12. The bootleg recording of the clip that played in Star Wars celebration of the live-action series The Mandalorian made it seems like it could be a fun series. They should have released the sizzle reel for it online, but instead they thought it would be great for poorly filmed bootleg to be the audience first look at the first live-action Star Wars series ever.
  13. Inevitable. Been reading the solar cycle, real good shit. rip
  14. Is there a sample from a BoC song, (pete standing alone?) on one of the tracks on the D side of the bonus disk. The beat sounds familiar. And the next track samples from Flutter Are BoC and Autechre now so old and established they are now just sampled instead of just as inspiration to a starting point to a certain type of sound?
  15. Shut up, Donny! You're out of your element!
  16. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    This is still so incredibly dumb. Is this what happens when your legislative body is filled with public school twits and archaic codes of conducts in a collapsed empire?
  17. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    What worries me about brexit is where will I order my records from? Shipping costs from the UK have usually been more reasonable than from Germany or other EU countries. After a no-deal brexit I would probably need to pay customs fees for them as well. I don't like it. edit: also pre-emptive sorry for the food and medicine shortages UK.
  18. Which Ai records does this sound like? Would love to hear those. Oh, I don't remember specific records, just that this has a similar sound to what they would have. And as I browsed through their discography I see that Plant43 has some releases on there. A good call, if I do say so myself.
  19. yeah! where's the new album, or at least an ep!?
  20. https://forum.watmm.com/topic/96522-plant-43-three-dimensions/ your watmm-fu is weak
  21. azatoth

    Brexit :(

    Corbyn is the jam. Stop hating him, who else has Labour to offer than him? Under his tenure Labour's numbers have gone up. Or are you people aching for more Tory ineptness and evil?
  22. Managed to snag this at a discount and it's very good indeed. Quality
  23. azatoth


    Who wouldn't want ET's finger up one's ass.
  24. I didn't study stoned, I used it as a reward to myself for getting some studying done. Oddly, it worked.
  25. Have smoked almost everyday for over a year (the longest break have been a couple of days at the most) and during that time I finally managed to get my bachelor's from uni and get a job. During the longest break, the worst I had was a little headache that went away after a few days. Moved to vaping weed (the vape cost me more than the rent i pay in a month) a couple of months ago, which also helped me quit smoking tobacco at the same time. Kicks like a mule, but smoking this often has definitely grown my tolerance for the stuff, which makes me think I should probably ease up on it to get more bang for the buck so to speak. I think I have a psychological addiction to it, in that I usually need to watch my movies, series and listen to music stoned to appreciate them. And I also rarely venture out among people if I have decided to get stoned. Cut down on my alcohol usage as well. So all in all it's been a net good, I guess.
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