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  1. Just biked in to say I still waste precious hours of my life here. Think I joined around 03, then rejoined after the apocalypse in 06. Its really not an accomplishment - more of a strange marker of time passage. Eh, I'll still be here in another ten. Cheers!
  2. was looking for the 'im drunk and phil collins is the shit' thread cus I'm drunk listening back to the genesis concert I recorded and phil Collins is still the shit. the batteries ran out on my zoom recorder so now I'm listening to no jacket required on spotify and phil.collins is the shiit
  3. That sounds pretty sad man ... On the inverse, I just received a copy of their self-titled LP from Amazon and it ended being a Music On Vinyl pressing - it's fucking great, and will make up for the shit afterthought pressing of Issues
  4. Not stealing your thunder - but I'm going through a very similar situation right now. Been with this person really on and off since 08. It's gotten to the point beyond being friends - and it sucks and hurts badly everyday. I have to figure out how to move on from my feelings, every single day. My brain is telling me to hang with friends as much as possible. I'm scared of how resentful I'm potentially becoming... Seriously, hang in there man - we will get through it and be better on the other side!
  5. I love this track too - I noticed a millisecond of a Frank Zappa song back when I first heard it and was like wtf random and cool! It's like that Prefuse 73 song that has a millisec of an Aesop Rock beat. I love Discovery overall - lots of nostalgia for it.
  6. Is that the scientist from Half-Life on Same Ol' recording? Haha
  7. Got my copy in the mail yesterday - very kewl mang
  8. Holy shit y'all did such a good fucking job! Vinyl when..? :P----
  9. Man, the end of X4 is feels like you're sitting back being nostalgic for the previous 11 minutes you just heard.
  10. Just biked in to say I'm exaited and this shit is crazy. Cannot wait, but I echo the 'take your time' sentiment!
  11. I got some too - thank you for the free music! Will be jammin it as I clean my bathroom today
  12. soma333

    AE Tour 2020

    Stopping in the southern us?... ahyuk
  13. after checking that I ordered thru ES, I have to say - with my previous overseas shipping track record - I expect the worst ?
  14. Rock on brother jules!

  15. Someone make me a better offer for the binder and 10....I'll cancel my order. I'll wait
  16. Holy shit, I can't believe I just finished my analord collection. I'm so shocked right now!! I never would've thought it'd be possible but yeah.....man I need to smoke some fucking weed!
  17. Holy crap! https://clone.nl/item54859.html?fbclid=IwAR32xqHWmey3I6Ga5AutSYk9lX9Nz_f4Z0E_jqSt2lj7saBWGq1DRA_iwGk Analord 10 binder is available again!!
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