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  1. Hey I just recieved this in the mail just wondering if anyone else has a copy... haven't heard anything about it otherwise
  2. maybe im deterring from the original topic but I've been interested in getting into MBV for a while and don't really know where to start....any suggestions?
  3. ok well its been real guys....lots of laughs, lots of tears.... now if you excuse me i'm going to peel myself out of this boc coma and go take a shower
  4. so, in retrospect, who the fuck are you?
  5. Well, it tasted like a 5-star meal at the time. yes....yes it did didn't it.....hmmm
  6. so basically everybody got fed shit...
  8. good luck trying to find ANYONE .... its beginning to look as if redpoint was the last place anybody visited (literally in your case)
  9. so honestly guys... I want to hear whatever is on this tape WHO KNOWS HOW TO TRANSFER IT TO A COMPUTER?
  10. man that's great... that was the first one for me - haven't stopped listening since you have every right to freak the fuck out
  11. is that the same for both eyes? what's that reflected in the eye itself? i inverted the picture...not too terribly helpful
  12. hey Joyrex, has anyone ever asked you to rip a copy of your cassettes?
  13. Hey uuh...just curious, what kind of bitrate are we talkin here... my few old tunes as well as otv.2 is 160kbps whereas otv.1 is 320kbps... I'm a stickler, plus I wanted to know if there was a better quality version of fot and otv.2 :grin:
  14. is anyone trying at all to figure this thing out or is this just another pissing match
  15. Hey, thought I'd stir things up and pose a question that has ran through my mind for a while now... It's obvious that BOC tend to reference, and at times use, a plethora of mathematics in their music. However, I'm curious to what extent have they studied the subject? A lot of the compositions and references seem to allude that they have an acute understanding of systems, formulas, etc. Reading that Matador bio, it mentioned that Mike(?) was attending college at one point but dropped out... It also mentioned that one of them programmed a melody using an equation of some sort. Granted that is nothing new in the electronic music industry (specifically electronic music at times)...but I am still curious as to how much mathematical genius these guys seem to exhibit...
  16. oh and i just noticed that the first "A is to B" track on the ATP set is the end of Sixtyniner...it was bugging me that I couldnt remember where I had heard it
  17. ugh, fucking hell.... my bad what's the story behind the alpha quest mix if you dont mind me asking?
  18. Ok I know everyone is just about bleeding from the anus when it comes to the notorious "oh ive got a genuine early boc track" claim... I'm just gonna start out by saying that I have little faith that any of these are at all legit... but I'd like closure nonetheless... Here are some tracks that I don't have any general knowledge about that I've aquired over the years: Roygbiv(alpha quest mix) - 6:16 boards_of_canada_-_eno_test - 4:37 <---this is most likely the one I'd personally say is fake, as I have the same track as being labeled "BoC&MariMari-Unknown" Treeline - 1:12 Trillions - 3:31 I'm also curious as to why my Disengage is labeled as being a 7" (??) Anyway, sorry in advance - I know this is the worst way to start my posting career on this board (on which I've learned some valuable stuff thanks!) Boards_of_Canada___Closes_Volume_1___01___Treeline.mp3 Boards_of_Canada___Closes_Volume_1___16___Trillions.mp3
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