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    y'all attacking me on a personal level again. this will lead to nowhere i am not going to give any more attention to it.
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    @uxien: no, succ means fellatio (and is by all means a great accomplishment). please though, name ten traps/trannies/ladyboys/whatever who are normal functioning and i'll retract my statement.
  3. Phoenix


    the anus of a human male fixt nah, sorry blank; traps and all abstractions are mostly really fucked in the head.
  4. Phoenix


    Lol boipussy should've given it away...and tbh that meme was funny until the very last line when she mentions playing Dark Souls and then I for a moment I thought hmmm... damn what's a boipussy? I think I got this completely wrong. i'll see myself out. the anus of a human male whose personality is a clusterfuck it was a pretty weird post. but it's a drop in an ocean of otherwise good content itt agreed mesh,.. i just wondered why there was so much spaz over it from some watmm'rs as it being "the dankest of dank" imo dank zero has not fully been reached, though we'se getting there
  5. Phoenix


    re: succ-comic. Q: should dank memes be about a child giving sexual favours in exchange for murders?
  6. Grab your corn and watch it pop into popcorn after watching these videos of nuclear bomb tests https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvGO_dWo8VfcmG166wKRy5z-GlJ_OQND5
  7. Crush Mood has a nice break at 03:20, but the rest of the song is just really mediocre in my experience "Free your mind, eh-eh-eheh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-YO"
  8. i sense ulterior motives of the topic starter.
  9. it's alright. interesting patterns but is by no means the best piece of music that hits earth anno 2017.,
  10. I don't know exactly what was purchased, but I received confirmation yesterday that I did and that it can be expected.
  11. My thoughts exactly. What does this test prove? I don't get it.
  12. el o el http://thegoldwater.com/news/1678-Shia-Lebouf-s-He-Will-Not-Divide-Us-Season-3-Has-Ended
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