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  1. Wow, great thread. Did a lil shopping just now, more later? Erotique New Beat by Various Artists Electronic Music from the Eighti... by Carl Stone Room Service + 3 by The Living Room [Orlando Voorn] Collected Ambient Grooves 1993 -... by Osamu Sato Think I heard about almost all of these from the watmm, but they’re all new to me, really looking forward to digging in. Also highly rec the acrelid et al stuff (there’s a new releases thread about it) — it’s been amazing digging in to that huge pile since the last sale!
  2. A bit ashamed to say this but I’ve never heard these before. Samples sound boss. LET’S DO IT
  3. ascdi


    Love this album! Played it constantly in the kitchen over the past few months.
  4. It’s true about this being a substantial amount of cash (well, it is and it isn’t, of course, but still), but man I LOVE being subscribed to musical things and just having surprises fired at my account which I can download right away. It’s such a blast, maybe I’ll go for this one. I need to pay for Rakka somehow anyway…
  5. Oh snap! Had this bookmarked because of an earlier mention here on the watmm… really like this. Maybe I’ll snag it tonight.
  6. This release kicks ass, snagged on sight!
  7. Couple things I haven’t seen mentioned yet: CH — Pharmlands [Complete Sessions] — Mr. @Mellow U’s longer- and longer-form releases have been getting craaaaazy good and deep lately https://coppicehalifax.bandcamp.com/album/pharmlands-complete-sessions Piper — Piper 3 CD (Reissue: Summer Breeze, Gentle Breeze, & Sunshine Kiz) — perfect music for these tough times imo, playing this a ton in the kitchen for the whole family, especially Sunshine Kiz https://officialpiper.bandcamp.com/music / https://lightintheattic.net/releases/6238-piper-3cd-collection Mute City — Data Breach — My buddy’s album: https://mute-city.bandcamp.com/album/data-breach ; also feels perfect for these times, but uh, not in a positive way Voyage Futur — Inner Sphere — found this randomly on r/Vaporwave, it’s incredibly nice https://vill4in.bandcamp.com/album/inner-sphere
  9. ascdi

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I’m poasting in this thread and I’m feeling great Hello everyone
  10. Ughhhhhh I’m a sucker for everything Akai This sounds really nice so far! … … what is it? Who is Jung Deejay?
  11. This is… not what I assumed The Weeknd sounded like
  12. Agreed, well said! Not sure if this was just a tossed-off comment, but I love Pan Sonic, and I don’t think this album sounds _anything_ like Pan Sonic! Their palette is much more “ordinary” (again, I love them) than this record, imo. This record is like, angry… but impressionistic. Or something
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