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  1. Haha, saw this artwork fly by on MusicHarbour and assumed this was Apple Music mixing up multiple different artists named “Jam City” again. So this is legit?! I’ll have to check it out, really like Dream a Garden.
  2. Looks fantastic! Wonder how to see it? … 🤔
  3. Yeah, the Chiastic and Envane files are okay, but still not so great imo. Bummer because those are some of my favorite arts. Agreed on Tri Rep, I did a double-take when I saw what they had, not sure where it came from!
  4. I love bandcamp but I agree — pretty mediocre article and of course I have all the music already. BUT I did want 2 bump this thread to point out: the COVER ART of several of the bandcamp releases here is pretty high-quality (1200 x 1200 — higher than I’ve been able to find elsewhere for myself anyway, and fairly crispy in most cases), so if you’re like me and always looking to beef up the embedded artwork 4 your files, click around on these release pages and snarf away PUMPED to have rather crispy GANTZ GRAF album art for my files all of a sudden!
  5. Hahahahah yeah, apparently this has been on the back of my mind as “check this record out sometime” for ten years
  6. Love V V V X Software, one of my favorites. Peep B U I L D 3 0 7, so dark
  7. Whoa, sounds burly. Suggestions on what to start with?
  8. Hooray! CDs are the best. Eleh: Living Space Demen: Nektyr Prince: Sign ’o The Times [Super Deluxe] Kettel: Whisper Me Wishes
  9. Looks great! Been listening a ton to the first Legiac album the past couple weeks. Bought a CD copy on BC and this man shipped it to me across the pond super fast and threw in another CD to boot. Top dude! I should just get this.
  10. Where da tracklist at? Am I just missing it?
  11. Ugh. Bit of a cliche round these parts, but man. This might be the last time I order from Bleep. Glad I got the CDs so that I can (eventually… very eventually, once they make it to this side of the pond), get files onto my phone and computer. But wow. Def bought it planning to DL the files ASAP, as was advertised.
  12. So I pre-ordered the CD of this on Bleep and was expecting digitals too, but it looks like the entry in my account got transformed into just the single track of “7:39 (Cassette Remix)”. The “Transmissions Sampler” got added to my account, but that’s only 4 tracks. According to the release page for “Transmissions”, though, this is “shipping now”. Anyone know what the deal is, or in the same boat? I’d like to DL the trax now if they are available. Or do I — sigh — have to email bleep about a preorder snafu _again_
  13. Been playing the “Expanded” version of this from Apple Music a bit. Kind of hard to figure out what the deal is… it seems like, there’s a new follow-on EP coming out on vinyl? But also those tracks have been appended to the album? But also the “Expanded” version is _only_ on streaming right now? But also it _will_ be released as a 2xCD in… October? wat I just want the trax brain
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