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  1. This is… not what I assumed The Weeknd sounded like
  2. Agreed, well said! Not sure if this was just a tossed-off comment, but I love Pan Sonic, and I don’t think this album sounds _anything_ like Pan Sonic! Their palette is much more “ordinary” (again, I love them) than this record, imo. This record is like, angry… but impressionistic. Or something
  3. Huh, that’s funny! I’m definitely not sure yet, but I was thinking the opposite! Agreed that on a surface level it’s a bit “HERE IS MY ANGRY ALBUM” and somewhat obvious. But the production touches are pretty unusual throughout, has been my feeling.
  4. Musikautomatika – Musikautomatika [Creel Pone]
  5. Funny saga going on with the 8-bit version, at first wasn’t available, customer support emailed everyone (?) saying the “specially mastered” 8-bit files would be ready soon (?!!?), anyway they showed up today and my devices hate trying to play 8-bit files, apparently. Also it’s driving me crazy but in Mekrev Bass the nice 8-bit quantization noise feels a bit panned to the left rather than being dead center and I have no idea why. Maybe my headphones are broken? Or maybe I need to go to bed. I dunno
  6. It’s oh-so-trendy to be into it now I guess, but all of the Light in the Attic reissues mentioned in this piece are spectacularly good. Very happy to see those mentioned, absolutely everybody should hear them.
  7. Hozan Yamamoto w/ Sharps & Flats — Beautiful Bamboo Flute Inoyama Land — Commissions
  8. This happened to me as well, ha Also the digitals are “in” my account, but not in the sense that I can download them, because they error out. Woe
  9. Great post, nailed it. The Just video did indeed melt my teenage brain down into a radioactive puddle. Awesome one, and in 1080p now!
  10. lol I wish the webmastaz over there would update their SQL queries so that I can actually get the new downloads as they come out, jeez Track is outstanding, super pumped for the album!
  11. Huh, it’s not showing up for me. Maybe it’s my fault for preordering the 8-bit WAVs 😑
  12. lol, came to this thread quite confused by Warp’s latest tweet about this mix… I preordered on the Squarepusher store and it appears we don’t get the mix (yet???) Here’s hoping!
  13. Holy fuck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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