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  1. ctrl-f interstella 5555 not found wtf?!
  2. Others have said it very well upthread already. Huge bummer. RIP.
  3. Eno — Film Music Eno — Rams Eno/Eno — Mixing Colours Expanded
  4. Ah, lovely. I haven’t heard this at all, but I bought it earlier based on an Amazon “people like you have put this in their cart” blurb. Nailed it, Amazon! Looking forward to it. Need to watch the film as well.
  5. Huh. I wonder if this is remastered at all, just a repress, or something else. Have to say I listened to this recently and it didn’t do a ton for me, tbh
  6. Great track, but I love the original Sophie stuff as well. They definitely un-weirded the track, which is great. One thing this remix made me realize, after hearing the original a lot: it’s a really awesome vocal performance. I tend to think that when vocals are all weirded up that’s because they must’ve been boring to begin with. Not so here, these are some great takes, must’ve been a ton of fun to recompose a backing trac 2 them
  7. Aw man, awesome! Too bad shipping is a bit expensive over here to the USA. 😕
  8. lol, same. I can’t pay for it either. 🤔
  9. I purchased this kind of out of general, default Noyzelab fandom and goodwill, but it is very, very, very, very good
  10. Here’s some stuff I haven’t seen mentioned yet! Sault — Untitled (Black Is) Coppice Halifax — Pharmlands [Complete Sessions] Jung Deejay — 7 Sketches For Akai Sampler Light In The Attic — Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR, & Boogie Onont Kombar — Epitaph Of Ego “Various Artists” — Erotique New Beat Il Quadro Di Troisi — Il Quadro Di Troisi Mute City — Wooden Sword (this is my friend Mike’s album, but he killed it, check it out)
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