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  1. Great post, nailed it. The Just video did indeed melt my teenage brain down into a radioactive puddle. Awesome one, and in 1080p now!
  2. lol I wish the webmastaz over there would update their SQL queries so that I can actually get the new downloads as they come out, jeez Track is outstanding, super pumped for the album!
  3. Huh, it’s not showing up for me. Maybe it’s my fault for preordering the 8-bit WAVs 😑
  4. lol, came to this thread quite confused by Warp’s latest tweet about this mix… I preordered on the Squarepusher store and it appears we don’t get the mix (yet???) Here’s hoping!
  5. Holy fuck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. I bought the CD of this. I don’t know from organ music, but I really like it. It’s moody, got some patented Jenkinsonian harmonic twists and turns to it, and hearing the systematic approach to the different voices on the organ from track to track is very interesting. Glad I picked up a copy rather than just streaming it.
  7. Huh, gave this a spin the other day before I saw this thread and wasn’t really feeling it. Seems like I should revisit the whole… situation
  8. Funny, when I loaded the thread the cover image was blurred out and it had a big ugly photobucket watermark over it. I was like, shit, that’s amazing. What a great idea for reissue art! Unfortunately, it’s legitimately a photobucket watermark, and not a clever postmodern statement about reissue culture.
  9. I have to say I agree. It’s a ton of music, maybe too much, but it’s been pretty much amazing across the board.
  10. Oh yeah… Milieu — Butcher Block Andromeda Tangerine Dream — The Virgin Years ’77–’83 V/A Analog Africa — Space Echo: The Cosmic Sounds Of…
  11. One of my favorite releases of recent times! Their “City Pop” comp is also quite awesome!! Damn, is the Dots & Loops remaster out?! Gotta snag it!! EDIT: oops, ALL the second batch of Stereolab remasters is out! Yikes!! Bye bye money Great picks
  12. Heads up for the fans: M’s “Box of Silk and Dogs” [a 100-track “box set”] is single-album price ($12.99) on Bleep right now. Of course, it’s also available on all major streaming sites for zero dollars, but I love FLACs. Snagged!!
  13. I haven’t heard this LP yet, but the EP that preceded it (“Alousia”) is pretty nice, spun it a few times on Apple Music. This dude needs to not make any more pretentious artist statements or interviews though. I made the mistake of reading some and… woof. Luckily the tunes are enjoyable!
  14. Colours of Life is also one of my all-time faves as well! Super pumped to dig into this one, the first listen was superb!
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