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  1. Greetings! Yep, I was there. I think with the same nick? But not sure. mike p asked about one of my bootleg n*sync remixes one time, fun times 😂
  2. Is it wrong that your post made me want to check this out more 😂
  3. For those like me still waffling about the various LSD remasters — I realized today that Wax Trax’s remaster is on Bandcamp, quite affordable, and not only that, you get 24bit/96kHz files: https://coil-lsd-waxtrax.bandcamp.com I actually haven’t listened yet, but I assume the remaster is good? Anyway, might be worth snagging, definitely wasn’t expecting to be able to get hi-res files for cheap on this one
  4. I like the album because a lot of it sounds like mousing around with the old Microsoft trackball I used to have. Good memories
  5. Whoa, these changes sound amazon, will def have to snag this
  6. The trax played on 60 mins sounded surprisingly good. I guess what I’m saying is
  7. I snagged a Polyend recently just out of curiosity and it’s awesome. fwiw, the Polyend anyway is not a particularly small device. It’s got the footprint of my 13" MBA, for example. So the screen is smaller than a computer screen, but it’s not as small as you might think. And they’ve thought through the UI enough so that you can zip around and get into the flow really good. Imagine a clicky, satisfying keyboard that only has exactly the keys on it you need to control the tracker. You can move quite fast around it. An even smaller device focused on synthesis (as opposed to sampling),
  8. Oh man, I saw this series of videos a long time ago and had no idea how to find them again! So wild. Thanks for linking this 😛 I like THA LOOPS but have no interest in watching an entire movie about them. We get it WB, you look like Khan
  9. lol this thread went from OMG BEST COLUNDI YET to total disgust with the amount of music being released in like 3 pages
  10. ctrl-f interstella 5555 not found wtf?!
  11. Others have said it very well upthread already. Huge bummer. RIP.
  12. Eno — Film Music Eno — Rams Eno/Eno — Mixing Colours Expanded
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