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  1. i saw them in Paris in 2004. first time and last time i live such an experience as far as i remember (too short though). Sound was really good with this telluric bass sound, crystal synth sounds from nowhere and this "voice" who penetrate your mind to the earth, can't forget this.


    one guy fell backwards in front of me (too high certainly) juste after the first song and got up right after. It was a really really strange athmosphere that i would like to relive.


    Balance died few month laters, really sad.

  2. Another track :






    "somebody is there..." is v nice. going through your soundcloud now and wow! really digging this. richartreuse a deadcode homage?? you and Trackermatte should split a release some day. you can call it, "Cool and Frank's Perfect Jogging Soundtrack."


    would it be possible for me to a get a zip of your stuff so i can load it on my phone?


    Thank you, i don't have any bandcamp account at this time. I'm going to think about it.

  3. Nice one! I like the rolling drum machine. Is that a 707?


    No, i layered some drum box samples for snares (tr 606 + Oberheim DMX) + 1 snare i did in the past which sounds well in low freq. As for Bass Drums, layered some samples from several soul breaks, no tr 707 in it sorry.


    Welcome back, nice tune. [-; I shall say no more hah.


    Thank you, i listened carefully to your comments in remote past ;-) , i pile up loads of new tracks not finished yet and they sound like... hem, i'm not going to tell you, be patient.

  4. Well programming drums, what kind of soft do you use?


    all tracks done with RENOISE


    Listened to upsidedown. Very nice. Sounds very apparent what your influences are here. I liked it a lot. Good job!


    Yes it's quiet obvious, thanx!

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