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  1. I'm kind of interested in this rg351mp to play old 8 bit and 16 bit games.. I'm not really into anything more than that but they'll do n64 it appears Does anyone have experience with it, or other portable emulator system? They cost a couple hundred canadian but they're frickin metal...
  2. Sorry I'm having trouble reading this. You mean backups on 2 different hard drives?
  3. I don't really record lots of audio soooo I'm thinking ableton program goes on system disk and everything else on one external. Then get a 2nd external HD for backup. Good enough? Speak now or forever hold your peace. only thing I'm confused on is if temp cache files should be on system disk or external.
  4. https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209069989-Using-multiple-hard-drives This article recommends using 3 hard drives. Can I get away with only 2? How abouts installing the program to system disk and then using an external Samsung t7 ssd for samples and libraries & audio recording and file caching ?? Thanks y'all Would I benefit using a 3rd 500gb t7 for audio recording and caching?
  5. I went through a phase years ago where I downloaded tons of movies and saved them to DVDs. So now I'm collecting the ones I want and putting them on an external hard drive to play on my tv. Quality is a bit crap, not as good as DVDs but better than VHS! They're around 700-800 MB a piece... It's amazing that these things will copy because they are scratched to shit. ✌️
  6. She used to pose in bikinis and shit. She's a hottie. Kinda like OnlyFans I guess??
  7. I'm missing a big toenail. I got it removed because it kept coming in in-grown, caused lots of problems. Whenever I stump it on anything it hurts like a mother... There's a reason we have these things I guess.
  8. I mean there could be no money but you're trapped under a tyrannical dictator.
  9. What??? If one had to go. Or politics I dunno man, I didn't put a lot of thought into it.
  10. I re-watched do america last week and it's still great
  11. Naan in the sun. Found a new favorite Indian restaurant... Extra fluffy extra greasy.
  12. Sonic origins good but overpriced. That said, Sonic 1 plays better than it ever has.
  13. yes, Vibert's monk faze
  14. Whenever I click on a thread that I've posted in on android I touch the star to the left.
  15. I watched Trainspotting for the first time. It was really good but I don't think I'll ever watch it again. It's quite heavy, innit?
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