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  1. Happy Birthday juicy Luke
  2. If there is no sound there is no forest. Music is nature.
  3. I told myself the other day I’d never buy a digital copy of a movie or a tv show yet at this moment I’m seriously considering it. It will be cheaper than buying used dvds over ebay which I think can be (maybe) sketchy…I’ve had bad experience with this in the past. And I’ll forever have this digital (itunes). Anyone here buying digital and it being part of your new norm?
  4. Oh snap, I’d totally forgotten about that one Time to revisit some Wisp
  5. I heard that he sells ketchup flavoured jelly beans.
  6. Just got spat out by a blackhole How do (magnets) work?
  7. The Last Unicorn. I watched it a long long long long time ago as a child and it gave me nightmares… the red bull… Definitely more of a mature film than you’d think. Lovely looking movie with a great fantastical vibe and lots of imagination. Still holds up thirty something years later for me and hit all the nostalgia buttons. I watched it on Prime Canada.
  8. Do people get off to those videos?
  9. I really like the first one, sounds very mhtrtc lovely editing. The others sound way too much like rip-offs.
  10. Matilda the Musical. My sister and her kid watched and recommended it. I liked it.
  11. Watching Alone on Prime and catching up on the early seasons that I’ve missed. Quality reality survival show.
  12. YEK


    2023’s gotta be better
  13. I'm playing Spyro trilogy on switch. I’m really irked by the “run” button. Why they couldn’t do mario controls where you hold down the run button while walking to run instead you hit the run button while not touching the control pad and spyro runs all over. Makes it very difficult for precise jumps that require a running start. One bit of a level i needed to do to 100 percent it i must have died 10 times.
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