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  1. Just watched Wrath of Man on Netflix. New Guy Ritchie film starring Jason Statham. Entertaining and some over the top violence that made me cringe a bit. I'd recommend it.
  2. Coconut water from walmart. It has chunks of, I guess coconut. It's all chunky and chewy and I'm not enjoying the experience.
  3. He's like, "so what I'm wearing pink, come fight me !".
  4. 10 years??? Where does the time go?
  5. What am I looking at here?
  6. Anyone picked up tetris effect on switch? Just wondering how much better it is than tetris 99 because I love that stuff. Edit: it's 25 percent off, in Canada anyway. Grabbing it.
  7. I've always found the whole designer glasses thing funny. Charging lots of money for a thing of plastic is a lol.
  8. Where can I get a good camo light weight jacket with classic camo colours?
  9. Congrats! Are there wedding bells in your future?
  10. I really want to pick up cruisin, metroid and monkeyball this month is going to be expensive...
  11. I wonder if this will bring the second wave of IDM
  12. All of their products look super nice actually
  13. Survivor is starting up tonight after being cancelled last year with the pandemic... Everyone laughs at me for liking it but whatever.
  14. This chick makes me want to punch her in the face whenever I hear her music.
  15. Can we talk about the increase in pricing at McDonald's? It used to be the cheapest fastfood to eat and now I can think of many other places I'd rather eat.
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