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  1. ghonna get a sweet trifroce zelda tatt to show the other gamers that i am a troo gamer
  2. riuchard dawkins tellsus that all religious pepole are evil so fucking slaughter tham all riuchard dawkins tellsus that all religious pepole are evil so fucking slaughter tham all
  3. little tip if u wnat whipped cream but dont have a whisk just shake that cunt up and after a min or 2 itll b safe
  4. i wouldnty buy fucking shit from anyone seriously are u kidding nah ill just download it instead of buying a fucking record with 1 track on it which i have no way to play anyway OH WAIT i guess i shoudl buy it then resell it years later like CERTAIN SOMEONE we all know fucking fuck sake shit man get over yrselfs
  5. oh sorry foil im a snob for not wanting to watch some shitty techno crap and also see my mrs getting fingerbanged by a bunch of jocks cus theyre all on E and crack.
  6. ooh wow i wish only the most horrible htings upon you, even if ur joking and trollin i just hope u have the shittest life which im guessing u already do *farts* oh actually i didnt catch chunkys other posts? is it alright to hate on jews in watmm now? might use that as a new av/sig campaign u know fuckin bash the jews etc etc it must be tolerated by the mods if chunky gets away w it
  7. ill pay for iain to get a tattoo of gadaffi
  8. i want my name oty be twice as big as everyone esles also this idea is dumb sorry bro but ill just print off the memberlist tyvm
  9. do transppl dream of robotic sheep
  10. antirchrist baby childman lizard shapeshifting obama 2013 mammon end times ron paul buy gold google august 14 ufo landing
  11. boring and derivitave nonsense from these two scottish bluffers. i dont know why anyone would ever want to listen to this rubbish even for one second, the brothers entire catalogue is the sort of shit the nazis would have blared at people interned in camps if they had half the chance. LAZY RUBBISH BOC BOYS 0/10
  12. fuck zimmerman murdering cunt also lol "dont get angry that he got away with killing that kid just fix the entire US justice system" o ok lets get on it also zim cant b racist he worked wiht a black man and once smiled at a black person
  13. *flirts withy madamchaos and the other fem watmmers in the self pics thread*
  14. am i joining in yet guys with these fucking WANK IMAGES OF JUSTIN BIEBER GOD I AHTE HIM SO MUCH BUT I DO LIKE TO GO ON ABOUT HIM LIKE A BORING FUCK e: hahahah justin bieber is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in a wheelchair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Aphex Twin - I'm Self Employeed Diagnosed
  16. im really sorry for posting in this great thread now we can talk about the art in questioni think 250 is too much for these art prints even tho they do represetn teh art of video games it s abit much, couldnt u get a poster size pic nicely printed for less than 50 or soemthing, get that shit framed. agian i am realy for sorry not joking about in htis thread its a good thread and i shoudlnt post goodposted in such a good thread ia m sorry pls forgave me its just u know with things being as theyr are the u just see the thread and just post hne m vbuyt u know seriosuly if i went os oemones house and saw they had these prints on their walls i would think they were a rich fuck with horrible taste SORRY
  17. we should have a gamers club on watmm for the gamers
  18. this is a slap to the face of fans of the brothers fans brothers fans fuk u mike i wanted those taps:<
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