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  1. I'm an Aleksi completionist but c'mon with this... I want to sell my Level 9 landowner rights
  2. He's masterful at ambient, I love his Somnium / Perpetual albums
  3. There was a time when I'd buy all the "limited" editions of a single album. No longer. In the end they just collect dust and having a digital lossless library is all I really need.
  4. man COVID rly interfering with the digital relase wil have 2 wait til next year so an obscure community can buy flacs
  5. fuk ya ~71kbps bitrate great job Mixcloud
  6. This is just the Ladytron album cover?
  7. Everything after Xen and &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& fukin sux
  8. The essential bundle is an envelope with a handwritten note from Grant showing GPS co-oridnates and a paypal address
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