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  1. I'm an Aleksi completionist but c'mon with this... I want to sell my Level 9 landowner rights
  2. He's masterful at ambient, I love his Somnium / Perpetual albums
  3. There was a time when I'd buy all the "limited" editions of a single album. No longer. In the end they just collect dust and having a digital lossless library is all I really need.
  4. man COVID rly interfering with the digital relase wil have 2 wait til next year so an obscure community can buy flacs
  5. fuk ya ~71kbps bitrate great job Mixcloud
  6. This is just the Ladytron album cover?
  7. Everything after Xen and &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& fukin sux
  8. The essential bundle is an envelope with a handwritten note from Grant showing GPS co-oridnates and a paypal address
  9. They really phoned it in again with this one! More Girl With The Dragon Tattoo outtakes!
  10. Donate more now to get what we promised you from your last donation a year or two ago! But please, thanks, make sure it's a donation. We aren't responsible for fulfilling "orders"
  11. Pretty clear why reflex is now defunct if Grant was in charge of it
  12. Grant removed me from the group last year because I told him to please/thanks/go fuck yourself. Told me I'd get a refund for colundi whateverthefuck when he's done fucking himself, it's been a while though I'm starting to think he isn't good for his word. Glad to hear the colundi community is in good health though! He's a scammer, and he spends all of his non-refundable donations on crack while typing absolute nonsense and sweet nothings to Aleksi fans
  13. Avarik

    Warp Tapes WAV

    younger more inexperienced listeners
  14. Avarik


    Won't bump AE_STORE thread but I'm losing hope that Onesix sets are coming for xmas ;_;
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