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  1. Cassette on sale at Fuji Rock https://twitter.com/mao_____xx/status/891104100422533121
  2. My brother recorded this set (must have been 1993 cos it has exclusive Transparent Balls tracks on it). I've just had a tidy and put it on my computer so I'm sharing it. Not complete but have listened to it 100s of times over the years and slowly working out the tracks. It took me 20 years to identify the Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass track. Can anyone identify the unknown tracks? Part 1 https://www.sendspace.com/file/xqc7cw XTC - Beat the Bible Something short and synthy FUSE - slac Arthur Russell - treehouse Global Communication - ob-selon-mi-nos think this is vapourspace Apocalypse Now scene don’t know - great track - what is it? Carl Craig - Neurotic behaviour hip hop ending w. Just Ice Part 2 https://www.sendspace.com/file/7d96yt Carl Craig - Neurotic behaviour don’t know - maybe unreleased black dog (synth sounds quite Norte Route-ish) don’t know - great track - what is it? Directional Force - airwalk don’t know - great track - what is it? Choice - acid Eiffel don’t know tracks from Temple of transparent balls (exclusives at the time) Florence - quarter traxx Carl Craig - Neurotic behaviour (think they like this track) Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - meetings along the edge (amazing track) UR - the final frontier Choice - acid Eiffel
  3. Nice interview on Today. https://www.sendspace.com/file/r2q2u1
  4. good to see richard's operation was a success so the physical form of the album covers gets posted and people mostly ignore it? is the one on the right the CD version? someone translate pls <3 it says new album after 13 years bonus track only for Japan release first bath of cds come with booklet / poster (presumably text on one side, small poster on the other) - bottom right box says - special offer for Tower Records - Designers Republic designed limited "clear file" i.e. plastic slip file, probably A4 So the thing on the right probably isn't the cd cover - it's the free plastic folder you get from Tower Records
  5. Japanese version has an exclusive track
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