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  1. This has just got better and better for me. Identikit is chock full of hooks and moments where different hooks and harmonies writhe in and out of each other in different ways, but all fits together as a straightforward song. Excellent. Glass Eyes is great as well, a bit like a mix of some Frank Ocean song (not sure which one it is) and Rats Nest. Overall it's a very woozy, dreamy album but once you get a handle on how the tunes and motifs fit together it has a lot more clarity and cohesion than the production seems at first.
  2. As a standalone song I thought it was OK. Bit disappointed there weren't any major changes or trademark vocal melodies, but overall the strings are tense and the whole thing is compact and energetic. The very end is excellent. Hope the album has a bit more of the discordant side of things.* *one time major fanboy
  3. I just signed up, but no invite email. Have I missed a boarding of the good boat ae? Don't leave me on the shore, ae! Sail not into that gentle night! Sail not! So do only people who signed up within 24 hours get access to this inestimable treasure?
  4. I also love the catchy pop stylings of his collaboration with John Cale, Wrong Way Up. Some really fantastic songs on there. Will check out the John Cage one in a bit.
  5. Here's a joyous version of Terry Riley's 'In C' by Africa Express:
  6. you'r an ass switchlicker has declined your request to be friends. and you'r blind. i'm trying to communicate with you by chat on chess.com, offering you games invitations...no respond Whoops! Sorry. I will make amends.
  7. My deep condolences on this, your special day.
  8. Here's my profile. I CHALLENGE anyone to challenge me to a game. Or just accidentally play me through live chess. Weirdly, under my old username I was around 1900-2000 in bullet, but now I seem to be stuck around the 1400-1500 area. Might be that I'm smoking weed more these days, or maybe I've just got shitter at chess. There's no way of knowing, none at all. http://www.chess.com/members/view/switchlicker
  9. I also like it. Not sure all the criticisms are really warranted. Infinitely better than the sacharine lump that is Iradelphic.
  10. I really like it. The beats are tasteful and tasty, a proper counterpart to Thom's singing and synth work, which is beautiful. The Eraser grew from something flat and disappointing into something glorious, stuffed with Harrowdown Hill and Atoms for Peace. I don't know how much of it is to do with being caned, but I agree this stuff is hypnotising. I've listened to it four times already. Great songwriting. Although I don't really like The Mother Lode that much so far. Sounds like cobbled together bits of something he'd like to write.
  11. That's just the standard symbol for 'section'.
  12. Hmm, I've engaged super-sleuth mode.* So, a google search for 1800-JESUS69 gives me as one of the results an archive.org link to (apparently the full text of) Hegel's Theological writings. There is a section titled "Jesus" on page 69, but oddly that page is missing from that link, with a note saying that this part of the manuscript is lost. But there's another copy at http://hegel.net/hegelwerke/Hegel1948-OnChristianity-EarlyTheologicalWritings.pdf, where at page 87 of the pdf you can find the relevant 'Jesus 69' section, which may well have been written in 1800 (can't confirm yet, but these m
  13. I'm looking forward to Huddlestone scoring a thirty yard screamer to win the game for Hull.
  14. Yes, but saying "it's likely there are things out there yet to be discovered or fully understood" means the same thing as "everyone who says or believes they have a gluten allergy does, and it's not psychosomatic" doesn't follow at all.
  15. I just started a new account at chess.com - switchlicker. I had another one before that I'd had since 2008, but I closed it since I felt like starting afresh.
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