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  1. These mixes are a gift. This one may be the best yet.
  2. No worries! Thank you so much!
  3. Sure would like to hear it! 😊
  4. Thanks!! Yeah, that's the link I'd saved and the file's gone now.
  5. Does anybody have a good link to dl this? Thanks!
  6. cebec


    A truly welcome surprise!
  7. We can stop refreshing: Artist pre-sale SOLD OUT, more tickets will become available Friday at 10am.
  8. What time will the General Sale tickets go on sale, Friday? Anyone know?
  9. I want to go with my wife -- that's how much I love her AND Aphex, and I've never seen him before!
  10. I, for one, would welcome the Analords back to the store in .flac
  11. Got mine (on my bday to boot) in the D.C. Metro area. Came with two 'collapsed' stickers (Aphex, Bleep logos) and the limited ed. sleeve is verrrrry nice!
  12. I don't know yet, but I have so many from Warp artists. Some of them go on the fridge, to be honest. A magnet sheet's not a bad idea!
  13. Got the vinyl box set earlier than expected (was the 23rd). I'm in the Metro Washington, D.C. area. Came with an 'ae 18' sticker.
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