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  1. that news felt our lithgow feeling: sad ...or most likely they won't post again.
  2. yeah i don't know why i'm bothering to say but - fair enough if you don't really like it, but to act as if it's been done as some sort of personal affront or something is just silly. they don't owe you anything. i don't mean that in a nasty way either.
  3. i kind of liked the idea of an album coming out that people were just genuinely really into though...
  4. although if i was awepittance and had decided to have one last try, i wouldn't ahve given the gam up so early . i would've waited a few days at least to try to completely destroy people's embedded opinions on music and its relation to expectation and the cult of personality, man. so who knows... itd be easier if i'd actually heard the leak though i guess.
  5. well yeah,and the get their tracks viewed innocently with rose-coloured glasses from ae fans. but it'd be a bit like a magician putting a top-less tophat over his lap and getting something to find the rabbit in there at this point.
  6. so awepittance and glotch waited for the two real tracks to be posted, quickly added them to their new fake and then uploaded it? it would certainly make a lot of sense... but kind of getting a bit old at this point.
  7. did the radioshow mention asking warp if it was OK to play the promo?
  8. So well said... it doesnt even feel like this song and that song... it feels like a single experience and thereby very difficult to memorize wow and ae are kind of like that generally... sometimes i forget why exactly i liked an album of theirs so much after listening to a single track or something... but as soon as i listen to the album properly as one thing i'm sold again.
  9. yeah this sounds very exciting... i'm gonna wait until it arrives but i'm really glad that everyone's so into it. i love that feeling of listening to something and knowing it's going to be one of your all time favourite albums.
  10. quaristice suddenly clicked with me! EDIT: i wish this album was more like their classic quaristice era stuff
  11. ok quick, who can post their expert opinion on this album the fastest! EDIT: well glotch was the first to shed tears. sorry guys
  12. Ninja: Yo, wat pomp? I’m Ninja (shows tattoo on hand), and this is my homegirl Yo-Landi Vi$$er. We’re kicking it here by Snoekies, at the harbour in Houtbaai. Yo-Landi: That’s right. Just eating a chip roll and some fish. Ninja: Ja we’re from the hip-hop family, but we do rap-rave next level shit. Die Antwoord started with my one homeboy, DJ Hi-Tek (shows tattoo on hand)—He’s got his own PC computer and he makes basically like phat rap-rave beats. I was checking out his shit, and we started making some beats, you know, next level shit. Yo-Landi: Mmm, these pickled onions are very nice
  13. this is actually pretty great... there's a real playful looseness here. i like how that melody is kind of hidden in the background. love the chords that come in after 0:30. really subtly accomplished
  14. well maybe... i'd tend to think that more what it refers to is more a kind of strictly written music with extreme ornamentation. i mean, most music aims at being emotional so it's not a very useful term for that. this is from a babelfish translation though isn't it though?
  15. well baroque in terms of a kind of studious geometrical complexity not baroque in terms of bach
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