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  1. i think PW might actually be better than the first SAW anyway....
  2. just buy the record and listen to it - it's what they're designed for.
  3. i agree about getting older pre-90s decks... there's so much more scope to things with mechanical operation. like greenbank talks about - each tape deck sort of has its own personality in terms of pause-button sound, dead-room-hiss sound, being able to record with the rewind button down for wobbly sounds etc.... just from being a manual device there's so many little things you can do to alter sounds. i used to do primitive multitracking by putting sellotape over the record head - it worked but it gives this weird glassy quality to the original sound your dubbing over, so you could do thing like record 'silence' over a part to give it that effect... putting a finger on the capstan while it records to manual alter the pitch... record wierd pitch-downs by unplugging the machine as you record... play a low-pitched guitar riff really really slowly while recording at half-speed and then speeding it up to regular speed and getting a high-pitched version... etc etc and with a 4-track these little things you can do getting multiplied by about 10,000 i probably just like them because i spend the ages 8-18 permanently wired to a walkman and made my first 'music' on boomboxes and things. it's just a good cheap medium that accommodates all types of hi-fi to lo-fi music really. if you just want a std 2-track deck then do what LUDD says and just get an older 80s model with manual controls and maybe an adjustable recording level knob. that's all you really need
  4. well the offer's there if you want it... i mean registered mail costs maybe $10 to do and with that it's insured and there's s 99.999% chance that it'll arrive safely - so that shouldn't be a problem. in fact, trusting me is probably way more of a liability seeing that you don't know me but yeah, i guess it's whether you want to post it out or just record it yourself.
  5. haha, i use that archiac metal box every day :) and yeah, you can transfer any sort of recording (old MD, compressed hi-MD audio, lossless wav audio) to the computer via USB. so it's a pretty idiot-free process, nothing depends on your soundcard or the cables or anything. i dunno, registered mail should be really safe... and a MD weighs nothing at all so it should be pretty cheap. i guess it just depend if joyrex would trust the postal system and/or me to send it out. i guess i could send him the player if that's safer or whatever but it's a bit of a hassle. registered mail is really safe i think. maybe just look into it (cost etc) but yeah, if you can't find anyone else to i could help you out with it... it's sort of funny we're going to such lengths with this when it's a recording from an old cassette tape to a minidisc in the first place :) EDIT: "transfer any recording to a WAV via USB"
  6. @4-500$ thats pretty expensive well that's for the higher-end ones. i got mine for really cheap... they're only going to get cheaper i guess seeing that they've been discontinued but yeah, if you can't find anyone else to do it i guess i could? it's a bit of a hassle posting things over to here NZ but if there's no-one else that can transfer the files i'll do it if you like.
  7. i've got a hi-md which can copy from minidisc losslessly (WAV) via USB on the computer... no need for an optical-in on the computer then.
  8. yeah but that's not analogue, dude! you could do that with any sampler anyway... where is this thing that the analord series is analogue-only anyway? obviously it all sounds like it made on that sort of gear... but it's not like there was a press release that came with it saying "my idea for this series of 12"s was to use NO digital methods whatsoever". it's not like he's "cheated" by sequencing it with a computer or using digital recording methods or whatever... although like CMA, he probably has everything anyway so it's not such a big deal.
  9. i'm not really getting into this debate, but of course you can do reverse edits and things with tape! stuff like that white noise album - that's ALL tape editing, every single element is a piece of tape, splice or dubbed with other pieces of tape. 60s frank zappa, musique concrète, electro-acoustic stuff, tod dockstader, dick raaijmakers, bbc radiophonic workshop... basically anything prior to the 80s wasn't sequenced with a computer!
  10. what the fuck? the radio 1 dj? presumably it's just a compilation thing done by her... dubstep judging by the 4LPs... yay mrs jynx though!
  11. well, just get a good fourtrack or something? getting a $1000 tape deck is going to start to whittle the little things that makes cassette tape sound like cassette tape anyway. with a really high-end cassette deck it's probably only going to lose some of the highs and things like that... things like dolby SR are probably really good for some things, but if you're wanting to make a cassette sound like a cassette going cheaper is probably the best way. just get a good fourtrack - they usually run at double the speed, take chrome tapes, variable speed control, you can use NR if you want...
  12. i read a long time ago in the Great Rock discography book that the track "i" was shortened from the original title "i won't let the Sun go down on me". you can see it here about halfway down the page on the right is the discog. haha what the hell?!
  13. you'd probably be better off buying a decent reel to reel set up for $1000 dollars...
  14. wow, congratulations! that must be the biggest sort of pat-on-the-back you can get. and like someone just said, rephlex don't really release very much music like this... astrobotnia maybe. mrs jynx on planet mu... wisp on rephlex...
  15. oh wicked, should be out by the end of the year then... there was a song bradford posted about a year ago which is meant to be a demo for the album - "twilight at carbon lake". really dreamy sort of 50s-ish love song.
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