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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAG-STnxPFI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkjDI_9sSz0 well it's not coldplay, but i don't know if you'd consider this what you're looking for?
  2. well actually i think the main reason that nick d (the interviewer) asked that is because he is a new zealand 'tv personality' who is more versed in stuff like thievery corporation than anything u-ziq has ever put out. so it's an easy connection to make when he probably has a pretty tenuous idea of what he does in general anyway. i mean, why does luke vibert get asked about aphex in every interview? i can't actually think of one think he's done that sounds remotely like it was aphex inspired... the reason why people get asked about aphex interviews is that he makes an interesting subj
  3. er, what are you going on about? probably two of the most popular u-ziq records were recorded and released before mike and rich. his basic style hasn't really changed that much since his first record - which was recorded before he had any contact with rephlex. maybe you could argue he fell under the influence of squarepusher around the time of lunatic harness... but you could say that for aphex too. primarily what i think makes up 80% of his music is the melodic sense - which couldn't be further from aphex if you tried for the most part. if anything, something like RDJ album seems li
  4. but that's what downfall is called? downfall.
  5. if you're going to use other people's sound at least you could put some sort of effort into getting it...
  6. as if they could afford type II cassettes...
  7. yeah i had eczema as a kid just on my arms... there's some sort of cycle thing with stuff like that cause it seems to come back every 7 years or something. haven't had eczema at all since i was about 13 though. i do get some sort of dermatitis now but it doesn't really show up as blotches or anything. i guess maybe my face might be slightly red - it just makes my face sort of burn and my eyes water ... seems like certain foods don't help - carbohydrates or something and definitely seems to be better in summer probably cause of UV or whatever. there's definitely some sort of underlying
  8. no, generally i think it's fair to say his drugs of choice were of the more carnal kind...
  9. finally! if this was just stroidef i'd still get it. excellent.
  10. not really sure where anyone gets the idea that frank zappa's music is all just a bunch of improvising... improvisation over the basic parts while playing live, sure. but you can do 5 albums with a large orchestra without having everything meticulously planned out on paper. given that 90% of his material was done sans digital editing or sequencing, something like the adventures of greggary peccary - you couldn't just go 'hey guys fuck around for a while and we'll fix it all in post... oh by the way - while you're improvising this 20 minute piece of music can you please memorize it as well as w
  11. i was pretty disappointed about that book... the CD comp is quite good, but i think the book itself was a bit of a let-down... too many non-tinted photos and tints of the same shot. i just don't think the layout of have a single shot and a blank page really works that well too...
  12. because you can't crack high-quality microphones.
  13. fuck everything, why can i never get youtube links to work?
  14. just sort of stumbled upon samples of this online and it sounds really interesting... everything is so plain in a good way. like something made out of plastic in primary colours. it does sound a little like laster cluster or harmonia, but it's kind of... funkier too. you can tell it was made in the last 10 years.
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