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  1. fair enough in curating that stuff out of the oeuvre for GAS, but this is just a catch-all collection for everything he released in the 90s...
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. It's looking like it's actually just more trouble than what it's worth. It's a funny one as we're only being "paid" in terms of flights and some accomodation. The people setting it up have probably done it that way in part to help circumvent the need to sort out working visas and all this stuff. Selling the vinyl was just a side idea as people have asked for them and it seems like a good opportunity get rid of some to help fund the rest of it. But yeah, fine line at that point then on whether what you're is under-the-radar enough to count. Just annoying to be over that threshold even when doing it at such a micro-scale; without any of the niceties and infrastructure of being a proper business.
  3. ok thanks printing this thread just incase though
  4. I am travelling to Munich and then Vienna (from New Zealand). Will I have any trouble with taking in ~50xLPs to sell at gigs? Posting them has proved too complicated so taking as paid extra luggage on the plane But I'm wondering if arriving in Germany with them will present a problem? Scared we're going to arrive and be sent be from whence we came (ie. don't have a visa for gigs) Any experience with this kind of thing...? European customs fans etc. Thanks!
  5. strange that none of the pre-Zauberberg, non-foresty GAS stuff made it. other than "klang" from the modern 12" (but nothing else from the same 12"...?) no self-titled GAS album either. i can appreciate deciding that it's "non-canon" for the various GAS reissues, but seems strange to omit from this all-encompassing compilation? can't be a rights thing for the compilation tracks as they were all on Mille Plateaux like the GAS albums. modern and the various proto-GAS tracks would have made a good "profan archiv" thing like the others too: Heller (Modern, 1995) Klang (Modern, 1995) Roter (Modern, 1995) Stern (Modern, 1995) [Untitled - Track 7] ("Modulation & Transformation II", 1995) [Untitled - Track 9] ("Modulation & Transformation II", 1995) Maschine ("Electric Ladyland", 1995) Das Kronberg Syndrom ("Electric Ladyland II", 1996) Breaking News: "[Untitled - Track 9] ("Modulation & Transformation II", 1995)" is "All Rmx" from Mint - "All" 7" (Kreisel99/12) AKA "All 99" that's included on "Mint 99" in this collection duh
  6. it's just the fan-made "soundcloud dump" opus number
  7. Tapei Story (did about 50 screenshots in that film too)
  8. excuse the joyrex ellipses i don't have but i expect it to be like the paranthetical disc1.5 cassette for the black lodge LP https://bleep.com/release/118940-black-lodge-kings-arms-sessions-vol3-lodgewars
  9. don't forget this one-off on a NZ via AUS label: https://www.discogs.com/Conoco-Kemikoski/release/99089
  10. we may not have much of a record of mass shootings, but we have some pretty disgusting statistics elsewhere...
  11. The major earthquake was on the 22nd of February 2011. Not sure if 8 years and 3 weeks is a very significant anniversary; "a stopped clock..." It also appears that this was first planned to occur in Dunedin (where the main accused was living), then Ashburton (a small rural town south of Christchurch), before finally deciding on Christchurch. You pass through all of these places in a 5 hour drive up State Highway 1. It seems more like New Zealand itself was picked as a political statement of bringing us into this whole world debate; to show that "nowhere is safe", even this relatively non-aligned country. Though to "protest" against immigration when you are in fact an immigrant yourself, in one most recent countries in the world to be colonised by Europeans shows the degree of intelligence on display here.. There has never been anything like this happen here. Christchurch is my hometown and I walked past one of these mosques every day for years, very sad and surreal. Everything in in high alert; New Zealand is very sheltered. I left work yesterday (in another city on another island) to find a bomb squad outside my building detonating suspicious bags outside the train station.
  12. how do you have NTS sessions in 2015?
  13. did anyone record this perchance? was only up for a limited time
  14. door is unlocked thank you for using exeloo
  15. did they not realise that they already released the numbers under the name optimistic?
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