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  1. ....it's also their 10th EP obviously?
  2. once upon a time in the west... wow, really great. i've haven't seen any other sergio leone films (yeah i know) but i'm definitely excited to see them now. so languid and beautiful to watch... not entirely sure how charles bronson's character was meant to be a native american though? really liked a lot of the score too... there's one part when frank's men are trying to kill him when it's like varese's ionisation or something...
  3. well yeah i agree, but i guess there's something about chords by themselves too that can obviously be pleasing to your ears by themselves... it's like how you might like the look and sound of a word - nothing to do with it as a part of a sentence or the meaning of the word itself.
  4. sus2, maj7th, maj9#11 (no 3rd), maj9 (no 3rd), 11ths rich ambiguous chords (ie. with no 3rds)
  5. i'm pretty impressed with oscillik's memorization of cfern's beat
  6. yeah those a5 digipaks... they're pretty nicely packaged
  7. i thought they were already all rereleased on CD... is this on vinyl or something? only 5 demos have been re-released on CD so far: Die Festung, Schattengang, Kerker, Paysage D'Hiver, Kristall & Isa. upcoming: Winterkaelte, Nacht, Einsamkeit and Steineiche! ah i must've miscounted or something... i have schattengang and the s/t one
  8. i was probably just in a bad mood or something when i listened to the samples of the EP... plus it might've been at boomkat where they generally endeavour to play 30 seconds from the fade-out of three filler tracks or something
  9. i thought they were already all rereleased on CD... is this on vinyl or something?
  10. heh, from the juno samples video club EP sounds great too... what was i listening to when i dismissed this a few months back?
  11. this sounds pretty great from the samples! the EP i think i listened to a bunch of samples but it seemed way too cut-up/plunderphonic for the sake of plunderphonic for my taste. but this sounds way different? more like doyobi-ish edits within the context of an actual musical idea.
  12. leafs

    song edit favour

    haha, you're going to walk up the aisle to the death march?
  13. the problem is that aphex is and has always been more popular than venetian snares and that VS also owns loads of expensive synths as well.... not that expensive synths = good synth patches anyway
  14. leafs

    Vocal music

    yeah, another singer who i didn't really like much at first but really grew into his voice... especially on the '60s records. i think it's probably the criteria for an interesting singer - you dont like their voice to begin with.
  15. leafs

    Vocal music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGFR3zz12p0 probably the most affecting vocal performance ever though
  16. leafs

    Vocal music

    i'm a big fan of sweet/sour vocal harmonies too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E1vGjubJ4g i really like kim deal's voice by itself anyway cause it's kind of sweet and sour in itself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q4foLKDlcE&a=GxdCwVVULXcypp_J73YcxAf11fZEz0rM and then the opposite... i used to have a hard time with her voice sometimes cause it almost too pure but i've grown to like it a lot. it's probably just been tainted by 40 years of people that sing like that at open mic nights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVC2cszdTao neil young gets a lot of flak for his supposedly wavery voice (i think?) but his pitch is fine really - he's just got that kind of whine that puts a lot of people off?
  17. leafs

    Vocal music

    one of my all time favourites... feels like i am dying during that coda... bitterweet perfection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkpz_2jv0nY&feature=related love the shifting harmony from 1:45 till the end... all those shifting major/minor 3rds
  18. i've only had it once in another country... tasted like cough syrup and cherry cola presumably there was something like sodastream in the US too? it just tasted like a bad sodastream experiment
  19. yeah thats the thing. effects pedals seem to do one effect very well. i really want a magic box good at doing everything (or at least a few things) but seems the more effects you cram on something the less good they are also i just bought a mixer. no effects. its just a sound/cable collector thrift store/pawn shop road trip! boss se50/70... basically every major boss pedal (and way more - 12 voice pitch shifter, leslie speaker, vocoder, "super chorus" (about 12 choruses in series)) in one half rack box. there's 50 spaces to make your own patches from maybe 15 or so algorithms (ie. a set effect chain of up to about 15 different effects - eg. distortion -> phaser - > reverb ). so yeah the order of the effects is set in stone (only downside) but you can turn on/off each effect in the series and tweak each one massively.
  20. there's a point in the afternoon the next day (if you've been up since the morning previous) in which i always kind of get a little bit tipsy and happy feeling... but that fades pretty quickly and you're left with nausea by the evening.
  21. it's probably better if you're not actively trying to do/finish something... it's a bit like being drunk or stoned - it's just frustrating if you're trying to make a film or write and essay.
  22. yeah longest is probably about 2 and half days - that was doing a competition from friday night for the rest of the weekend. i just don't really like it... start just involuntarily micro-blacking-out and getting clumsy and slow like i'm a bit drunk
  23. i don't think i ever saw a disney animation growing up... i've seen fantasia recently but that's the only other one. also haven't seen just about every action movie ever... robocop, terminator, aliens, die hard etc... cause i was too young at the time and i don't think my parents wouldve let me watch R stuff then anyway. oh and i've only seen one star wars.... do i win a prize? otherwise all the standard early '90s little boy stuff charlie and the chocolate factory robin hood: prince of thieves the goonies bil and ted's excellent adventure the neverending story ghostbusters 2 home alone 2
  24. nah just another prostitute's body found (in camoflage)
  25. nah that's auckland this is out my window in christchurch
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