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  1. Yeah that is funny your second guessing of their thought processes
  2. Bumped because more people should hear this.
  3. Forked out for this album after hearing about 10 seconds of it. I did regret it a bit at first because there's not much variation, or probably much new about it at all. On listening more though, there are moments of quite singular beauty that make it worth the money. I do wish there was more continuity though, a lot of the intervals are quite abrupt stop/starts which throws me off my blisscloud.
  4. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. I hope this will be a return to his earlier sound. Radio Amor is a classic, and everything since Harmony In Ultraviolet has felt like a step in the wrong directon. The last two albums... really can't understand the praise they got.
  6. Rewatched The Hitcher the other day. A forgotten classic? I don't see people mentioning it much.
  7. what's the right way? 1) look at what's praised heavily on watmm 2) do the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKpQgEyjNdM
  8. I love those, definitely under-appreciated you're right. Piezo blending with Lyrics of Fury is euphoric every time in the Mary Ann Hobbs mix.
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