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  1. Don't post. This is just a confirmation.
  2. Okay I've reached the end of side B. That song is the only thing on the cassette Sides A or B. I've listened to an hour and a half of tape noise for that 50 seconds. Did anyone on this board go to Redpont on the actual night? Please reply. I need to know what I have here.
  3. There was something on the first tape!!!!! Slap bang in the middle of Side B there's a song that lasts around 50 seconds!!!! What's weird is that it has the fireworks and voice from the other tape!!!!????? What the. Nice little tune though. Is it BOC????, what's the significance?? Sorry about the lousy quality. I used the motherboard Line IN. Make sure you turn up the volume okay.
  4. Yay! Got the tape going! Blank on side B but on side A after 20 seconds or so there's the sound of FIREWORKS going off! There's also this one phrase that a child keeps saying now and again. Can't make it out. Quite odd really, not really a song but interesting. Now, how the hell do I get this onto the computer?
  5. I've spent the last 20 minutes or so trying to re-spool the other cassette. It's a pain, I've never really done this before. Most of the tape has been frazzled but there is some clean tape close to the second reel. If there's anything good on it I'll post it straight up for you guys.
  6. PLEASE READ! I’ve been a lurker on here for the past couple of months but I’ve signed up because I’m sure some of you will want to here what I found so here goes. Okay, where do I start this story??? Well, like a lot of you nutters I had been following the red moon, cryptic code madness for several weeks and reading the various posts that popped up on the WATMM and TWOISM forums. Right from the start I was a sceptical as hell about the theories that people where coming up with – there going to play live, give away free stuff, sacrifice some poor soul etc….Crazy. But then again what if? What if? Now, I live in Achnasheen which is about 30 miles from Redpoint and as soon as Redpoint started to be mentioned in posts my ears pricked up. I thought just forget about, it’s rubbish and I forgot about the whole thing for a while. Right, now, skip forward to the 10th June and I’m watching both forums to see if anything has happened and up pops Family_Photo_Album with a post which says- In A Moment Of Clarity, As The Tides Turned, All Questions Where Answered Pointedly. Answered Pointedly. Answe…..red Point….edly. Redpoint again. Interesting but I wasn’t convinced. Anyway I woke up at 5AM today and my curiosity got the better of me. I went down to Redpoint! See if anything happened. So I take the car down the A832, only stopping late in the journey to ask a woman who owns a nearby B+B if anything happened down on the beach last night. “not that I know of” she says. I was disappointed but not surprised. So anyway I was tired and pissed off at having made the journey so I parked the car and headed out onto the beach for a speculative stroll. I headed right across for about 400 metres or so, past the stones and then things got interesting! In the sand at the top of the beach, near the grass was…….. a sand castle!!! Yeah so what you say. Well, next to that sand castle was a pile of burnt wood and grey ash about 2 metres across!! I walked up to it and examined. Near the wood, sticking out of the sand are two badly burnt cassettes one completely black the other half melted and misshapen!!! Now as you can imagine I’m starting to freak out!! Obviously I took them with me. I looked around for a good 10 minutes or so but there was nothing else, not even rubbish. Whoever was there was super tidy. I headed further up the beach before driving home, buzzing at this stage having found the cassettes. So I get back home and put the burnt cassette into an old walkman, almost bursting with the excitement at what could be on it….. Nothing. Just hiss and white noise on both sides. The other cassette is unplayable. Dam and bollocks. I really thought I had something special. Why couldnt it of been early, unreleased tracks? I phoned a friend once I had calmed down and we’re going to head back out there again soon. He doesn’t believe me about the sandcastle, git. Anyway sorry about the length of this post. It has to be BOC doesn’t it?? Once I get hold of my friends digital camera I’ll post picks of the burnt cassettes if your interested. We’re going to head back to the beach (again) and take some picks aswell. Cheers guys.
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