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  1. FSOL yes! I remember this exactly thank you
  2. Yoo, sorry to bump this thread I'm listening to this gescom thing again after Sean's AMA, and I swear I've heard a vocal sample like this in a mix somewhere ("Could you leave the mixer alone please" etc), but I can't remember or find anything. Were you referring to something specific here?
  3. Yes or no: are you aware of the long history of the US government intervening against the will and interests of South and Central American nations and peoples?
  4. glad to see we've an insider from OPN's studio who knows how the creative process behind Age Of went. Got any stories to share?opn namedropped him in multiple interviews around age of as helping with the production and encouraging him to reduce tracks down to their core ideas. What did it sound like before? Some of the very early marketing and quotes for Age Of talked about it being a concept album about the history of computer music, which seems consistent with all of OPN's other LPs more or less being concept albums as well. Age Of turns out to not really be that at all and Daniel talks about how James Blake shaped the production and tracklist of the album. A lot of first hand accounts from the Myriad live shows describe a more elaborate arrangement of the music from Age Of (and the later EPs). There's no objective account here, I just liked the concept album format of a lot of OPN's releases, and was bummed that Age Of wasn't that. But you sure got me with that "What does he smell like?" zinger!
  5. glad to see we've an insider from OPN's studio who knows how the creative process behind Age Of went. Got any stories to share? opn namedropped him in multiple interviews around age of as helping with the production and encouraging him to reduce tracks down to their core ideas. This is what I was referring to. Thanks
  6. Gotta agree. Listened a few times this weekend, definitely like some songs more than others but it's a solid front to back listen. His voice and some of the ways he processes it are quite strange and original. Great ear for melody too, and the arrangements are really cool. In the redbull music academy interview with Brian Eno, Eno talks about working with James Blake, how his process involves removing as many elements and tracks as possible from a song while maintaining interest, and the sparse arrangements are really appealing to me anyways. By the way, anyone notice that he talks about driving from 'zone to zone' on 'I'll Come To'? Why zone? Interesting word choice. He ruined the OPN album with this approach.
  7. This is super good thank you for posting.
  8. shit like this https://twitter.com/extremecmf
  9. Salvatorin you're my favorite poster on WATMM.
  10. When Josh played at the defunkt after party at Day For Night 2016 my friends and I remarked that it sounded super Mark Fell. This is the first I've heard of Second Woman but it's an awful lot like what I remember from that night.
  11. Be aware that there is much drummed-up fodder about the AI, with a goal to create steady and positive acceptance of the AI research. There is this unilateral force of opinion that the AI is a logical continuation of our development as a species, with all sorts of utopian idealism about how the AI would make our lives easier and streamlined. Everything can be replaced with an algorithm. Nothing is mystical, wondered at, and sacred anymore; everything can be calculated and replicated, over and over again; improved, personalized, accessible anytime you desire. No more longing, working to achieve, failing to achieve. I say force of opinion, as the recent scientific and rational radicalism is presenting itself as the only solution - a perfection, without the burdens of spiritual ways. A ghost in the machine as the allegory... the idea that sufficiently powerful computational machine is spontaneously capable of emerging as a sentient being. However, there is really no proof. It is an idea perpetuated to the level of a dogma. No one really knows. The singularity is a theoretical construct. In the most positive light I can see this as not understanding what a spirit is, what is it that makes us human. It has achieved a level of political propaganda. It needs to in order not to delay and revise the aspirations that lead to the want of creating the AI in the first place. The true "why" lies somewhere else. If it's going to make our lives easier and better and whatnot will be a mere byproduct. The primary "why" is to have power and supremacy. I say propaganda, because it's really just a play of words. Your feelings are "mere" electrical signals interpreted by your brains? Well of course, there must be some medium, but that doesn't mean that we are just a bunch of biological wires. Love is "just" high brain activity? Of course it is, if you look at it from only a point of being able to measure things with lab oscillators. But measuring is not understanding. Defining reality with such an approach is seeing with tinted glasses. What else is there? Well, because I don't understand, I can only say what I know. Brains are computers, so strong that they are now sentient. Just like that. Well, that's quite an unilateral idea, devoid of any other possibilities. Let me take one strong example from 2049 to prove one of my points: A scene where K meets the huge holographic ad for Joi. It is one of the definite examples of the practical use of the AI (among strong, subdued and efficient killing machines). It's basically a billboard, sensing your presence, evaluating your emotions and aspirations in order to access your very personal space. "She" is nude, beautifully rendered, speaks to you in a soothing voice, saying things in a manner your closest friend or lover might, with a tagline "I can be whoever you want". It's an advertiser's wet dream. This is the reality. 2049 was a horror film for me, as I said before. It depicts that world where everything is replaced with algorithms and computers. You can fall in love with a hologram and don't need genuine biological partner, because you are nothing more than a set of wires. To fall in love you only need a beautiful face, puppy eyes and attention (audition) of your particular way of life. Horrible. Curious, are you really big on Jean Baudrillard?
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