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  1. Today I am starting a day chill out club 12 noon to 5pm called SUN. It will feature Aphex, Autechre, KLF, Eno, FSOL, King Tubby, Dockstader, Subotnik, Cage, early 50's/60's electronic music, nature sounds etc. Rubix Cubes and colouring books provided ( Chess sets didnt arrive in time, but next week we will have them). Bring a book to read, lay down just chill. https://www.facebook.com/events/2387464684903841/ If anyone has any ideas where else I can give the club info out so more people know would be great. Thanks
  2. If you listen to the album out of phase. The last track, Cow Cud Is A Twin, you can hear the Apple Mac Voices saying "Aphex Twin and I Care Because you Do"
  3. I think you are talking about 2 different years of Melbourne maybe?
  4. Did I do a master of Melb 2010? I have unfortunately lost all my Ae live recordings
  5. Since Syro, Richard D. James, Aphex Twin continues to work on a continuous and sophisticated basis, and it is well known that the range of music approach is expanding as an artist. In addition, of course, these are connected to the activation of the techno / electronica, again his music and production techniques, has become the alternative of music production style of modern continue the convenience depends on the PC software, 2010s The current flow which has a strong impact because it is the present is very meaningful. Especially the current work "Collapse EP" is exciting, anomalous drum breaks are heavily used, and the intense beat which was connected to the "Rushard Edge" from the aphe · twin "Richard D. James Album" The impression developing strongly is strong. At that time, those who were shocked by artists such as Square Pusher, Aphex Twin, or Kid 606, Veil, Funky Porcini should be particularly emotional. Also in this time, the personality unique to Aphex Twin has also appeared in promotions and visual elements. July 29 3D display from the London subway advertisement to the signboard of the record shop TECHNIQUE in Tokyo Shibuya Udagawa Town on August 4th, as if the Apex · Twin · logo with effect applied to 5 places was embedded Let the fans exploit the quantum mechanics by embedding different meaningful texts of taste in both "artwork visual text" and "preceding music video", to make the net excitement and to fly art As if to fuel it, he is full of humor that is unique. Since "Syro", Richard had been embedding Dema machine forest name in Innasroub and songs, but this work also includes "Roland R8", "CASIO FZ 20M", "Roland TR909" in the song title. Compared with the previous work "CHEETAH EP" which was named after the name of the legendary cult synthesizer "CHEETAH MS 800", it does not feel deep meaning, it can be said that it is a standard equipment that Richard always uses. Everything is a piece of equipment that was listed on Kyredit of "Syro". If but rather to speak of the equipment of this work, was published to YouTube as Muyu over music video ahead of the release "T69 Collapse" (https: //youtu.be/Sqa ... seems to indicate the Zumumashin. 【T69 Collapse MV: Equipment list】 Sequential Circuits Pro One (not stated in "※ Syro") Arp 2500 Yamaha CS 40 (Not stated in "Syro") Roland MKS 50 Yamaha TX 81 Z DSI Prophet 6 (No description in ※ "Syro": synth released in 2015) Emu 2500 (= Proteus 2500) (※ not stated in "Syro") SDE (= Simmons SDE) (In the case of "Syro", is it misspelled?) Rhodes Chroma Elektron Analog RYTM (No description in ※ "Syro": rhythm machine released in 2014) Yamaha TX 816 w × 2 (※ not stated in "Syro") ... By comparing this list with the equipment information after "Syro", you can see that Richer's equipment collection habits are becoming wider. For example, YAMAHA's FM synthesizer, which is difficult to operate, thought that he liked a slightly cheap machine that has individuality in sound emission, such as "DX11", "TX 81 Z", "DX 100", but this time it is called "TX 816" It has confusing business machines that can not be programmed alone. (Equipment to control this TX 816 ... Since I can not find DX 7 / QX 1, etc., I can not find patches in old Macintosh etc Is it {missing text}? Although it seems but the details are unknown.) * Although the description itself TX 816 W does not deny the possibility of wrong writing of TX 16 W in the first place ... Even though I looked at the analog synthesizer, I used the name of the year of the year called "Prophet VS" and "Prophet 5" which is a synthesizer of Sequential Circuits at "???} of" Syro ", but this time it was delicately It is a minor change and "Pro One" "Prophet 6" (draw Sequential Circuits * made by Dave Smith Instruments released in 2015) and a new model are missing. I think that "Syro" 's equipment list is "a list using only a number of equipment in" Syro ", and Richard's studio includes countless It seems that the equipment is running. Although it is not often a human being who collects analog music equipment, it is said that choosing equipment from this line of [???] lineup, controlling every time with Sequentix Cirklon, and launching outbits into SSL mixer ... maniac It must be said that the work process is missing ordinary .... Also it is impressive that this work includes Emu "PROTEUS 2500" which is a type of synthesizer called PCM sound source which Richard has not used almost until now. The PCM sound source, also known as a preset sampler, has a low evaluation in the world of techno / electronica, and Richard dared to select this equipment was large. Since Korg's synths only AFX name EP "Korg Trax + Tunings for falling asleep", Richard apparently extends the equipment lineup including the latest equipment. When releasing "Syro", as we were showing off that we are using only the old machine (or custom machine of old machine), this change of direction also has a change in the mind and the environment It is presumed that it is wax. ※ Note) Furthermore, if you want to enjoy Richard's approach to equipment in recent years, at Richard's sound source sales site (https://aphextwin.warp.net) {???} {???} Yes I recommend you to be the best "London 03.06.17". Ambient "em2500 M253X" which is like {???} for PCM sound, "T13 Quadraverbia N + 3" which skillfully reveals ALESIS reverb and enjoy the spread of space and feedback, Every piece of music whose name is described, such as "T08 dx1 + 5" where electronic sounds made by YAMAHA's FM synthesizer flutter, are all unique. ... Now, let 's return the story to' Collapse EP '. This EP made up of all five bends (as it was in the pre-published "T69 Collapse") is a thrilling change in anomalous rhythm, a beat / tempo atmosphere in one song There is a dramatic development that changes with a glitch, there are plenty of contents, such as glitch and feedback noise, delayed & reverb with {???} and comfortable code and melody like Aphex twin, there are {???} It is not an exaggeration to call {???} work {???} of Let's follow the music in order 1. T69 collapse Already been often in the live of Aphex Twin {???} {???}, the music that has been published with a {???} a Dove music video by Weiardcore of hand as the preceding song (by the way, is cut in the video It seems that the landscape that I am seeing is a location related to Richard). The beat starting from the reverberation of the spring reperb consists of a considerably advanced and free key pattern while keeping a constant image centered on a heavy kick. Also in the acoustic surface (than at the time of "Syro"), the separation of graininess of each beat, the {???} sound / sound pressure / phase of sound, short delay / feedback are controlled and the speed of attack · The control is also an impression that it is precise and dynamic. The beat change of 1 minute 55 seconds, a fragment of the beat, such as roll off, show me the grand soundscapes, such as before the world's eye is lost (but cheap and write in words, dynamic sound image changes up to this point Was there once a techno music that showed you?). "Buri" "Duritsu" and "Acid bass" [???] Acid bass in the continuation of too much intensely repeated hits and consecutive calls of drum programming has a very high pleasure index, and even if it says sparingly, a monstrous level of monstrous level It is. 2. 1st 44 At the beginning, from the strong sound of the early digital sound in the 1980's, the break core beat and beat harp glissando that jumps out suddenly, then the acid base sound, then the cloudy synth pad with the feeling of the former drums bass ... and the relay It is going to be fast beat sound. While the song is progressing, beating changes with disintegrating from 2 minutes and 8 seconds are built in after huge gliding noise several times, and the scene change continues quickly. Jet noise and explosion sound of an airplane sometimes get caught on the beat's sprint feeling adds a unique color to the atmosphere of the song and reminds me of the charm of the sound effect that was frequently used in old electronic music . 3. MT 1 t 29 r 2 The songs of "Collapse EP" have a higher temporal density than "Syro" as a whole, but this song is particularly evolving and a rapidly developing soundscape continues. The sequence of synths that disappear and the drum breaks are rich in nature, just like joining the delicious breaks of albums, it makes me feel like being listened to by the digest. At the same time, once again Richard D. James was made aware of the fact that the artist can perceive complex melody control so far. From his precise musical & sound control power in his brain ... I feel a force that surpasses a madmannic electronic musician who has passed beyond providence like Xenakis. 4. abundance 10edit [2 R 8's, FZ 20 m & a 909] In this EP, the sound image of the drum sound is felt vividly and smallly, but the complex Bess sequence and the voice sample are impressive by that much (credit and It seems that it is assembled around the FZ 20 in the rhythm machine of two R8s and one TR909). Based and swell, or complemented each or swapped more percussion instruments of swell, all the way how the beat with an awareness of Latin percussion and out is, would not say the new cornerstone among the songs of Richard. 5. pthex Dogei bass bass pool giving a pitch to the kick sound by analog synthesizer, bar casion floating on it, scratch (!?) From the voice sample, finely carved glitch / skip sound. A problematic work that is melted and stirring in the undulation of unusual tension that they are Gagnaggia. Tremolo vivarato that can produce Buruburu {???}, control of the direction of playing not only reverse rotation, the feeling of the sound, the advanced crystal delay (delay as the pitch changes), vanning and You can listen to all sound effects such as phase manipulation. Crazy electronic sound, together with shakers and sounds that sounds thirsty, is a mandatory arousal song that is shaken violently in the brain. In this way, this work has evolved quite intense direction, such as remember the shock when I heard the first time, "Girl / Boy EP" and schedule Oia pusher "Feed Me Weird Things", become feelings. In 2018, I am pleased that my own hearing was developed by this "Collapse EP".
  6. amnesia

    AE time signatures

    please tell me you werent the cunt talking time signatures during the Ae Melb show! I was just about to tell you to shut the fuq up.
  7. I always find it funny that when I think about suicide Richard or Autechre have new albums due so I hang on in there :-)
  8. Tassi Amni Mstr https://we.tl/LBuomhYzUW
  9. i am really loving the Melb set. 6th listen
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