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  1. An Aussie peddled Fox News. Now owned by Disney. Disney!
  2. remember when Saudi Arabia was killing Yemenis and causing a famine a couple years ago? With American weaponry I might add. No, you didn't care.
  3. My comment still holds up. Im not some right wing asshole. I can just see the outline of the anger involved here, by looking at the negative photo. The things people don't look at. Or talk about. Such heated anger here, over so many other atrocities this one seems to be the favorite. Palestine should be living well, but all the countries in that region want them to be in pain. They are used as pawns, but I digress.
  4. If this was two countries in South America no one would give a shit. It's only cause Jews are involved . You can pretend to care so much, but it's funny how blood boiled people get. What about all the killings in Africa. All the tribes and terrorists down there. Never hear a word about it from fucking bleeding hearts. You are an anti semite. Face it. If you want to be a true accepted hipster you'll disagree with me. of course. Im a little biased as I as tortured in high school just for being friends with Jews. Sit is surprising how many anti semites there really are. Scoff if you like.
  5. I support Israel and Palestine. The neighboring countries could do a lot to help Palestine be independent. Why aren't they already? Something tells me they want it that way. Israel was created cause people like killing Jews. WW2 was the last straw. The ultimate pogram. So blame the Germans if you hate Israel and blame the other ridiculous tribal countries watching these two go at it for no reason.
  6. goal is to have enough money so I can call anywhere home
  7. marf


    of course there are aliens. We are aliens. The only issue is the speed of light.
  8. Went to Dogs on Acid once. Felt like I was getting beat up in an alley
  9. I was on the board a lot. Forget my user name. Talked to Jess via pm a lot too
  10. AMAZON has taken over America. Im curious if Europe is also under it's control
  11. Think how much power a journalist has these days. They control hearts and minds. Race is America's favorite subject. I wish we could focus on making the country better. But it's always the gotcha game.
  12. not a joke. I have some amazing bits of gear. Something is always broken though. it's a huge distraction. I guess Im having a mid life crisis. Other factors are weighing in. Having to take care of a house. Get a good job. Music distracts me totally.
  13. Thinking about giving up music. It's been a constant in my life, but I look at Aphex's catalog and it's like what's the point? He's done it. Giving up music would allow me to concentrate on more concrete things. To pay the bills. I always feel two things tugging at me. Maybe it is time to pack it in
  14. Isn't the vaccinations kind of meaningless with all these variants going around? Might help a little. This thing is mutating faster than they can vaccinate
  15. That grassy place looks like his last EP cover
  16. Can someone link the Heorge Garrison aliases?
  17. marf


    I wonder if Aphex scratched his head why Minipops didn't explode more like Windowlicker.
  18. what did he do? Wasn't he the filter for all things Snowden?
  19. all paperwork. Also doctors offices. Anytime you are filling out a form anywhere.
  20. It's a little depressing, my only consolation is Ive just discovered Heorge Garrison
  21. It seems terribly ironic that the leader of proud boys is black
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