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  1. One thing about Stranger Things. Millie is obviously jockying to be famous but the actual person with star power, and I hate nepotism, is Ethan Hawkes daughter.
  2. Im in the market for tr-808. The real one. DM me.
  3. Thanks! I was told by someone else not to use flux. Its already in the solder apparently. Im going to practice on some worthless pcbs. Yes, I actually ruined 2! mc-4's with alcohol! I was too embarrassed to admit it. The button thing is an issue. I paid to have them fixed and the tech couldn't do it. You have to totally remove the button assembly and replace with something else. like this guy: http://astrochicken.blogspot.com/2017/03/roland-mc-4-push-button-replacement-and.html I have to big up Synthfool. Really good guy. Did me a huge favor. Killed himself over back pain!
  4. I have to change out the old battery in my mmt-8 for a lithium one. Ive never really soldered before. I have to desolder then solder. Im so nervous. I ruined an mc-4 by cleaning the circuit board with pure rubbing alcohol. That usually shouldn't hurt anything but it fucked it up and ruined it. So I really have no confidence with this stuff. (btw, the mc-4 is a time bomb with its buttons, they go bad and can't really be fixed. )
  5. watched stranger things. Something is missing in this show. It has all the ingredients to be really good, but something just makes it a chore to watch. Bad directors? The editing? Something in the pacing is off. I have no idea what it is, but its something
  6. Richard devine or James? I met Autechre. Asked a silly question. Got a silly answer. Noticed their tour van was a pile of shit. This was 22 years ago. Really wish I saw the mic in blender show with Richard in NYC. True Folklore. didn't he also supposedly use sand paper as a record? I dunno So how many people on wamtm are old xltronic peeps that can't log in anymore? I'm one of them. I was a bit snobbish about watmm back then; circa 2007 or 09
  7. does this sound like a caustic window beat? I made it https://voca.ro/19OB18DPMjSg
  8. I wasn't really afraid of death until lately. A series of deaths in there family and a birthday seem to have kicked it off. But still, Im afraid and not afraid. My mind is out of control in the first place. That could be the real issue
  9. Stranger Things. Fun. I get it we have to include everybody in this woke age, but in the 80's the only gay people were fit grown men with mustaches in San Fransisco and Female Gym teachers. They just turned up. No one talked about it. At all.
  10. "In this life You're on your own And if de-elevator tries to bring you down" ; Let's Go Crazy Died in an Elevator. Rest in Power, the Best of the Best; Prince
  11. One ahead of his time MF
  12. what is Sean's handle ? Im trying to read the thing
  13. I find this stuff happens at an earlier age. Maybe teens, 20's. The social behavior thing. Of course that is constantly changing now with political correctness. But I digress. Then it switches into learning yourself and what you are willing to give and take from the world. What your limits are and how much you want to extend yourself to the world. How much stock you take in your reflection in others.
  14. who cares what this old fart has to say. I want to hear what Machine Gun Kelly thinks. And where is Travis Barker? Or Post Malone? Unless you are hanging with those two u aint shit
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    https://1lib.sk/ search for a book, any book
  16. Ive played around with theory. Its nice to know some things for chords, but unless you know it front to back / inside out. Even be able to read music, You are bound to get something wrong and then the point is lost. So I just use my ears.
  17. lol. It seems to happen to everyone
  18. The worst issue with being middle age is losing your family. One by one . And Ageism. I woke up in tons of pain today, but it could be covid. My sister had it, But its always something these days.
  19. Ah. Agiesm. Nice touch. Im done. Not getting into it. I'll go sit in my rocking chair
  20. Im also reading the Beatles put their whole mix through the Fairchild. One thing about Get Back that I didn't know was the album was recorded on the roof. I thought it was just a promo show. Totally impressed with John too seeming too not give 2 shits about anything, but Yoko pulling it off.
  21. Didn't they put the drums through them? Yeah. value is perception for sure. So we've decided that discrete vintage tube gear is thin sounding and narrow. I don't know. Im no expert at all. But a software synth doesn't come close to a real analog minimoog or the like. Or a huge sounding preamp. I don't think I agree with you after using a lot of gear. Now the tape is what's missing. Thats what makes everything so tiring to listen to these days. I need those transients squashed. Limited bandwidth? Really? On paper maybe you are right. Ill have to ask some techs. My ears say no Analog gear isn't just for colourisation. Its paper or plastic. Meat or Vegan burger
  22. You aren't working? Im the exact same way. My sleep schedule rotates
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    Is Proust a Buddhist? I can't read at home. Where do you guys find the time and place? Im so distracted at home by screens. And will power doesn't work
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