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  1. its going to be endemic. The control being ceded to governments is alarming. Being endemic means the governments will always push for more control. Its kind of frightening. Everyone documented and followed. Can't go anywhere unless you've been cleared. You willll carry a card. It's Logans run
  2. Why did e chose black and white? The color master goes black and white. bummed
  3. I remember when AIDS was scary as fuck. 100 % death rate and the world kind of shrugged.
  4. Just get your colonoscopy's, prostate exams and regular blood work Rich
  5. Also, he makes a lot of tracks to get to the diamonds. The Soundcloud stuff was great but he has an ear for what should be released publicly for sale.
  6. I dont man, lack of output? most bands release 3 albums. Even the old academic electronic artists hardly release anything. Id say the output has been tremendous.
  7. I made my final decision on the J&J after seeing this. How can these artists want to hurt me? (in honesty my father almost sold his business to the Johnson company in the 80's and they almost stole everything.)
  8. Used a real leaf blower yesterday. I am officially in the burbs
  9. I got the J&J. I admit to being a little spooked by mRna. Now they want the kids to get it, though? At least with adults we might not see long term consequences. This is really new tech. I probably sound like an idiot but is there a chance you could get super viruses this way? Much like stronger antibiotics stronger superbugs. What do I know.
  10. I look down and 3 hours go by like that.
  11. more through the very loud amp. Ampeg vt-22 recorded on iPhone. Sorry https://voca.ro/1bFV0shSEAKE
  12. more groaning https://voca.ro/14nuPkGxlFkl
  13. My groaning synth going through a 100 watt ampeg https://voca.ro/112uEU5MdLch
  14. I love the velvet underground but something was missing from this documentary. Good stylistically but empty. If I wasn't suffering from serious mental issues Id be combing over the Get Back film in total rapture. I downloaded the highest quality rips I could find for the future when I feel better.
  15. careful of robotrippin! A year ago I was put in a psych ward for 5 weeks cause I went psychotic off dxm. (I was actually taking it for a cough, but it got out of hand). I think I triggered bipolar disorder. Ive been depressed ever since. A whole year of depression. In and out of psych wards for suicidal ideation. I feel brain damaged. Looking into bipolar depression remedies as I used to be unipolar . I used to be stable most of the time just some bouts here and there on standard SSRIS. Not anymore!! . This has been exhausting.
  16. remember when Saudi Arabia was killing Yemenis and causing a famine a couple years ago? With American weaponry I might add. No, you didn't care.
  17. My comment still holds up. Im not some right wing asshole. I can just see the outline of the anger involved here, by looking at the negative photo. The things people don't look at. Or talk about. Such heated anger here, over so many other atrocities this one seems to be the favorite. Palestine should be living well, but all the countries in that region want them to be in pain. They are used as pawns, but I digress.
  18. If this was two countries in South America no one would give a shit. It's only cause Jews are involved . You can pretend to care so much, but it's funny how blood boiled people get. What about all the killings in Africa. All the tribes and terrorists down there. Never hear a word about it from fucking bleeding hearts. You are an anti semite. Face it. If you want to be a true accepted hipster you'll disagree with me. of course. Im a little biased as I as tortured in high school just for being friends with Jews. Sit is surprising how many anti semites there really are. Scoff if you like.
  19. I support Israel and Palestine. The neighboring countries could do a lot to help Palestine be independent. Why aren't they already? Something tells me they want it that way. Israel was created cause people like killing Jews. WW2 was the last straw. The ultimate pogram. So blame the Germans if you hate Israel and blame the other ridiculous tribal countries watching these two go at it for no reason.
  20. goal is to have enough money so I can call anywhere home
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