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  1. He's just added all his Analogical Force material to Spotify
  2. https://archive.org/details/descent_201911
  3. Yeah let's hope. If not with this release, hopefully on his bandcamp🤞
  4. https://bleep.com/release/142617-james-shinra-darkroom-ep Pre-ordered!!! 😃
  5. Just got back from the cinema after watching Joker. Absolutely loved it!!!
  6. Total agree with you that Abrams should have done the whole trilogy
  7. Glad to hear it! 👍 This EP is kind of in the same Vein, as a couple of the tracks are outtakes from A Form of Fusion. Veil is the most Orbital sounding of them btw.
  8. Coming Soon: Tracklist: 01. Kingston Pike 02. Perapt 03. You 04. Fire Behind The Hills 05. Veil
  9. I have been working on this for the past month or so. Its now a 5 track EP called "Constructivism". Just waiting for Zac to master it.....
  10. Perhaps Dave himself asked for it to be removed?
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