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  1. I used to be a massive fan of Squarepusher up until Hello Everything, then went off him a little until Ufabulum. 5:39 on Dark Steering still gives me goosebumps!!
  2. I absolutely love this album. Baltang Ort is my favourite on here. In fact it's one of my favourite tracks of his. Stunning 👏
  3. Bloody good album though! Had it on repeat for the last few days!!
  4. I heard they were changing management and that's caused the delay. They said recently "new music on the horizon".
  5. The NTS mix should keep me going until it's out. So looking forward to his album!!!
  6. https://smarturl.it/Keep-It-G Oh dear 😔
  7. Going to resist the leak! Absolutely loving the NTS mix 🙂
  8. Loved the last two albums, so really looking forward to this one! Judging by the two tracks already available, this is going to good!! Roll on January 31st 🙂
  9. Also, track 13 on this compilation https://archive.org/details/Wild080-Various-Thenecessityof
  10. I did the drum programming for this EP that came out about ten years ago: https://mentald-struction.bandcamp.com/album/mutation-ep
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