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  1. Giving it a third listen now. I really like Nightcrawler.
  2. Think a few people might be getting the wrong idea about the new album. There have been a lot of names in the "featuring" list, and there are a few tracks that have what I'd call proper vocals, but the rest of it is Orbital doing what they normally do with a lot of the tracks - a lot of the vocals are cut up, sampled and manipulated (think of new album bonus track "The Crane" sort of thing from the Around The World In 80 Raves set recently) or the featuring names are vocal loops (like new album track "Frequency" from the recent Mary Anne Hobbs Mix) - in true Orbital style. This will be more upbeat album than Monsters Exist I think. I think people will listen to the album and say "What A Surprise"
  3. I got an email not long ago with a link to some free Tatamax. Great stuff!
  4. https://open.spotify.com/track/5Kt829saCFzpUEDTS2Fa03?si=_cvyH8GjRoeqdElROvk8BQ&utm_source=copy-link
  5. But you have to admit, that's one impressive studio!
  6. I know! It was the same with the Hmv bonus disc for Monsters Exist!
  7. Also, while Optical Delusion is a 10-track album, there is a special 13-track CD edition, with three bonus tracks, that is exclusive to Amazon in the UK. However, the blu-ray features all three of these bonus tracks (‘The Crane (feat. Dina Ipavic)’, ‘Year Of The Bat’ and ‘Lost In Time’) in full Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and both stereo mixes! I have to say, these tracks are all fantastic; there is zero drop in quality and I agree with Mark Ayres when he said to me “They should have been on the main album!”. ‘Lost in Time’ in particular is rather moving. It has a lovely ‘music-box’ intro before the syncopated rhythm comes in with vocal samples. It’s a lovely end to proceedings
  8. And instrumental versions in the blu ray version!
  9. In Sides/ Snivilisation Dolby Atmos, yes. Optical Delusion, er no.
  10. I didn't mind proper lyrics on 8:58, but I do agree with you that the best lyrics are the wordless ones on an Orbital track.
  11. That doesn't bother me. I liked the 8:58 album for that reason.
  12. You beat me to it! I reserve judgment for the new album. Yeah! Thier best artwork is by him.
  13. Sleaford Mods suit The Prodigy. But Orbital? Err, no.
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