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  1. 6 hours ago, PurpleMoustache said:

    So do we think this will also somehow involve new material? Outside of the show exclusive 12”’s, he’s been fairly quiet since Collapse EP…

    I hope so!! 🤞🤞

  2. https://cagedelement.bandcamp.com/

    I've collected some mixes I've done from the last few years and started to release them under the name Caged Element. This will be the name I use for my main output now. There might be one more Concealed Sequence release at some point.

    It's nothing amazing. Minimal Techno/ Ambient/ Dark Techno styles.

    Here's the first few of what I'm calling the Inside series. Single tracks will be released every so often with a compilation at the end, which will include some bonus tracks.


    A full length album will follow.


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  3. 32 minutes ago, dcom said:

    I have a huge soft spot for Ital Tek, cYCLICAL is still a brilliant deviation from the dubstep of the time, more adventurous and experimental; but then, I skipped Midnight Colour, Nebula Dance, and Control - they're still not to my taste. But the Hollowed - Bodied - Outland progression is nothing short of amazing - not forgetting Beyond Sight, The Speed Of Darkness, Dream Boundary, and Seraph.

    I love all his early work, especially Cyclical. It took a while for Nebula Dance to click with me. Love it now. But I agree with you about his more recent output dcom. Brilliant stuff!

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