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  1. I'd really love to see a return in style to his Cyclical album very much.
  2. Another thing I like about Ital Tek is that he gives some tracks away for free like: Double Lightning Fields Flex Plexico Arashiyama Finally Papillon Ray GunPixal Haze (VIP) Discontinuum (Alternate non-Album version) Bable VIP Satellite (Extended version) Pixel Haze (Alternative Half Step version) I think there's some more. I'll have to check my hard drive.
  3. Yeah, but if he used the breakcore style of the Terminator EP with the quality of the Cyclical LP, it would be interesting tho. Like I said before, Cyclical IMO is still his best work.
  4. I do have this and it's bloody good! Would've love it if he'd made a full album of this style. I've also got the Snippets release as well.
  5. New music teaser sounding great! Liking the recent Hyper Real EP too.
  6. I do like the new LP. Order would be: 1. Cyclical 2. Nebula Dance 3. Midnight Colour Some of the best tracks he's done IMO are Deep Pools, Bable, Giga, Strangelove VIP and Chemical Temple.
  7. Absolutely. I've got everything he's ever done on all formats, you won't beat Cyclical. Listening to it now. Just brilliant. The Mako EP is also quality stuff. Great artist.
  8. I totally agree. It's up there with the best.
  9. if they did they'd tack on a bonus track on the Japanese release of it and start the problem over again. Yeah, they proberly would!
  10. Would love to see them playing the Exai album material.
  11. Nice. Lovely synths. Like the acid squelches and of course that great Amen break. You can't beat bit of 90's dnb
  12. I second that. Very good. I've dabbled in this style myself.
  13. Nice track. I like the haunting synths. Maybe a little too long, but that's all that's wrong with. Nice.
  14. Love Squarepusher's track Tundra. One of his absolute best tracks tho is Tundra 4. A masterpiece.
  15. No problem. I mean it. Good work :-)
  16. No deflation for me. Not by a long shot!
  17. That's what I like about this. Nice
  18. Had all the vinyls and the binder. Sold them years ago........wish I hadn't now!
  19. I enjoyed his album "Great Lengths". I also like the track "Viper".
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