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  1. I've added another track called The Edge https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/album/organical 🙂
  2. A new album is in the works, as is a Concealed Sequence album. In the meantime, I'll be releasing a few singles every now and then. Here's the first: https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/track/organical
  3. In my opinion, the original version of P.E.T.R.O.L used on the PS1 from 1995 is the best one.
  4. It's In Sides' 25th anniversary this year. I wish they'd re-issue the vinyl!!!
  5. P.E.T.R.O.L by Orbital. It's been my favourite all time track for 25 years now!
  6. Nice Retro platformer. Also, fantastic soundtrack!!!
  7. I've been working on something that looks likely to be a new album by the time it's done. Really happy with it so far!!
  8. Should be some new tracks coming very soon.
  9. Oh and Heavy Rotation as well: https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/track/heavy-rotation
  10. Defence Mechanism: https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/track/defence-mechanism-2 And Incursion: https://virtekhproductions.bandcamp.com/track/incursion
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