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  1. Just got back from seeing it in imax. Absolutely stunning!! I too got that feeling when walking out of the cinema. Not been since March 2020. Dune is a Masterpiece!!!
  2. I loved the soundtrack. One of the best aspects for me was the special effects. Absolutely stunning!!!
  3. First single from the new album is out: HYBR:ID OVAL P-DANCE Nice, very nice!!
  4. On the proper music site, it says it's in a jewel case, but on the Bandcamp site it's not??
  5. Will this be available on the FSOL Digital website. Can't find it on to there.
  6. Got the vinyl today. Wasn't expecting this yet!
  7. Star Wars Visions. Really enjoyed The Duel, The Ninth Jedi and The Elder Episodes.
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