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  1. We have two EPs in the works. The one above is being finished by my friend, while I work on the other. Hopefully, it won't be too long until the first one is finished.
  2. I didn't know he'd renamed himself. Better though, Ital seemed too much of a rip off of the name Ital Tek. Good music!
  3. One more from the archives re-inserted back into the Shadow Weaver EP: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/track/abandoned
  4. I couldn't help but pre-order it!
  5. And here: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/constellation
  6. Thanks for the support!!! That's really good to hear! And glad they liked it!! ☺️👍
  7. Two more single tracks here: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/sen-goku And here: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/scaffolds
  8. Also available on a limited edition USB drive.
  9. CPU reach their centenary binary catalog number with Cygnus - 100% Dope. "CPU records made a hundred wax, so much electro made across the map. CPU records with a million songs, one robot singing on the intercom. I’m so funky I can’t believe, programming synthesizers and drum machines. Join the club, we’re from outer space, making beats with computers and the funky bass." https://mailchi.mp/2ca397dfe395/cygnus-100-dope-cpu-100?e=8f67cdcbdd
  10. Out now. Last release under this alias apparently: https://netshmusic.bandcamp.com/album/homestretch?from=fanpub_nfb
  11. One of my personal favourites from the other project I'm involved in: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/track/hivemind-version-1
  12. Yeah! There was a big down pour on the way to Marazion, then after about half an hour, red hot for the rest of the time we were there!
  13. My daughter and me in the gardens.
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