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  1. Here's a couple of tracks that were originally going to be released under my Virtekh alias, but upon having another listen, I realised the style was more suited to an old project I was involved with about ten years ago named Circuitsmasher. This is the first in a series of two track releases: https://circuitsmasher.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. Our now: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/track/circular-logic-version-1
  3. This album sampler contains four non-mixed/mastered tracks and one non-album track (also non-mixed/mastered) track from the forthcoming Concealed Sequence album Organical. https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/organical-album-sampler
  4. Found two tracks we made way back in 2007: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/sublimation-metallic-sky
  5. Just got back from seeing it in imax. Absolutely stunning!! I too got that feeling when walking out of the cinema. Not been since March 2020. Dune is a Masterpiece!!!
  6. I loved the soundtrack. One of the best aspects for me was the special effects. Absolutely stunning!!!
  7. First single from the new album is out: HYBR:ID OVAL P-DANCE Nice, very nice!!
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