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  1. Me. Mostly for 30-45 minutes a day, but it’s chill. No pressure either.
  2. Artists wise: Autechre Bob Dylan (although more prolific with bootleg sets these days) EOD Stephen Malkmus Thurston Moore Aleksi Perala Radiohead Rolando Simmons Swans There’s probably more, but all of the above warrant instabuys for me. The only label I probably buy anything regardless of release is Polytechnic Youth, because the new releases are always cheap, and well varied.
  3. I hate 90% of the people in my office floor and I get to spend all day listening to records whilst working. Not the worst outcome for me at least.
  4. Definitely one of those artists where I'll cop anything they release. Highly recommended.
  5. The Beatles - White Album The Beatles - Revolver Pink Floyd - Animals Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica Autechre - Quaristice Kraftwerk - Computer World My Bloody Valentine - Loveless The Other People Place - Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe Sonic Youth - Washing Machine Swans - Soundtracks for the Blind All top tier for me. And I can’t choose one VU album, I need them all.
  6. The Beatles in Mono vinyl box set. Give me all the hate you want, they've never sounded better.
  7. Interested in the binder, but sure how much I care about it when I could just have a bunch of the 12"s for way cheaper.
  8. Norman Records are the best. I've been a stasher with them for about 3 years, but I've been with them for much longer than that. Customer service is second to none, and the packaging has always been superb. On the contrary, I've never had an issue with Bleep, and I think they've only improved over the years.
  9. I hated the second half at first. But now, I think it makes a lot of sense, and it's a natural follow up (or new beginning) from The Glowing Man. It was weird not having the crescendo build-ups at first, but I think this is the most focused album they've done in a long time compared to the sprawling nature of the trilogy albums released before this one. And that's no criticism to those albums, they're fantastic, but it's nice to hear Gira achieving more than he did on White Light... and Love of Life. The Necks are superb too (title track and The Nub).
  10. The Velvet Underground - The Complete Matrix Tapes John Coltrane - Coltrane '58: The Prestige Recordings Ornette Coleman - The Atlantic Years All excellent pressings.
  11. I have the record in my stash pile. Knew nothing about them until I decided to hit a Soundcloud link.
  12. I think this record is dope tbh. Album length flies by as well, it flows really well, even with the interludes.
  13. Available on Norman: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/177777-tool-fear-inoculum lol
  14. I was expecting this in 2017, but instead we got World Eater which wasn’t bad by any means, however it was somewhat subdued compared to Dumb Flesh. This is on the other hand is a more consistent follow up imho. Most in this thread have already said it better, but I’ll add that House vs House is absolutely banging.
  15. Nice man. It’s always been one of my favourite tracks of his.
  16. Yeah, I don’t think I contributed to this in a positive way at all earlier. It’s hard to be empathetic when you’re tagged in a post over a post reaction and being called “autist” from the get go. That being said, I didn’t have to react the way I did, pretty juvenile tbh.
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