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  1. Still can't stop listening to this. It's all I want anymore.
  2. god this sounds good. Possible to mod a standard x0xb0x?
  3. No they're samples. And there's another version of it that has more samples loaded in, as well as maybe other stuff? I'm not sure honestly. I've done little true learning on it thus far, only consulted the manual for a few issues. I've been mostly learning by experimenting, which is really the most fun isn't it? Sent using magic space waves That _is_ the fun, but I've found with elektron gear they really do reward the occasional dive (and re-dive) into the manual. /// the tips & tricks as gathered by the elektronauts community are great as well for non-traditional approaches and inspiration (http://tarekith.com/assets/monomachine_tipsandtricks.htm)
  4. Yeah I was wondering about this myself – seems like the max4cats dudes were about 6 months late to the game. Shitty for them :( How is Beap? I haven't played with it yet, but trust Stretta's software generally, and doubly so if it's officially part of max now. May have to get out $10 and rent it for a month.
  5. getting cv sync tips the scales for me – initially I was thinking this would end up like my bleepdrum. Fun little piece of kit, but lack of integration options basically relegates it to toy status (or more off-the-clock experiments, but that's not really what I want out of a drum machine). Here's the referenced video if anyone else is curious –
  6. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6463580/BoomingTripping4.pch https://clyp.it/khpsp43l You're a mensch! I'll study up :) Ended up making this yesterday after listening to Quas Funk (and a bunch of gabber o.O). Thanks for the inspiration! https://soundcloud.com/lilienfeld/nmmcore1
  7. This track rules – would love to figure out things of this nature :D
  8. sorry Rubin, meant to include it in that response – http://electro-music.com/nm_classic/015_workshops/Clavia/NordModularWorkshops&Threads/WerkMap/WorkShops/(if you click index.html in there it's better formatted, but doesn't include everything here).
  9. Yeah, I'd actually seen you mention similar on the forum before which made me further hesitant to get into it – but hey, at least it's stable-ish and OS virtualization has gotten pretty good. While it sucks that Clavia abandoned it, it's sort of nice to work with something that's "done". Happy to have taken the plunge, imagine I may have to pinch some more gear to get a bigger g1 or g2 o.O. Probably give it a bit first though, I tend to get a little overeager with these things. Thanks Hanratty – after a little bit of digging through forums et al I found Rob's writing/tutorials for the G1 (most of what I'd found was for the g2, though the core synthesis concepts look transferrable). Stoked to put in some time with it tomorrow.
  10. The wizoo book actually came with it! In PRINT. So good. I've worked through pretty much all of it, though I imagine I'll be re-reading it again when I come against a wall (or the parts I skimmed on, midi & processing external audio). Thanks for the tips Meister Farr. Only bad thing I've noticed w/ the micro so far is that it's easy to change patches while you're jamming, which is great, unless you don't want to ;X
  11. Are there any other repositories of patches outside of the electro-music forums? While seemingly a little inactive these days, the archives are gold. This book http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~clark/nordmodularbook/nm_book_toc.htmlhas been great as well, if a little academic at times. I like how it really gets into the meat of things though, especially the chapter on chaos/randomoness/generative/etc. Stoked that there's still a small but dedicated userbase out there :)
  12. Traded my microbrute for one of these (nord micro modular) last week and wowwww. I love it so much. Sure it was a little bit of a pain in the ass to get the editor going (I'm using osx 10.7.5 running windows 7 in parallels), but it's so great once you do. I've got a small eurorack and have used most of the virtual modular environments, and while some of them are more extensible than the nord, this is the first one that has the right combinations of ease/fun/sounds-good/ && feels like a real instrument. It even came with a proper printed manual && the wizoo book :D Add the bonus that you can just detach it from the computer when you're done patching and jam or go to a gig. Perhaps part of the appeal is that I've sworn off using computers when performing, but still. Seems great. Anyone around here still rocking the nord modular? I feel like I've seen people chime up from time to time, but they were all pretty old threads. Anyway, I'm just excited and want to talk about it. edit: I'm sure it's not the best thing ever, but it's basically the first "real" thing I've done with the NMM and I think it sounds pretty good && full for being just the modular and some outboard delay/mixer-eq https://soundcloud.com/lilienfeld/nord-micro-modular-1
  13. I was thinking more the university/studio sector would be interested. The larger format seems like it'd be a much better tool for learning than euro and hands on still beats digital, at least as learning/experimenting goes :)
  14. So uh – has anyone / is anyone actually going to watch this? /me downloads I found myself surprisingly happy with the first one, turned off the second half-way through, haven't touched the third. This could give me a new lease on hobbitdom!
  15. I like this. Elektron gear makes for a deep journey, and sharing is always welcome. Cheers!
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