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  1. Didn't even concede himself to hit the big 50, unless he left a note it's pointless to speculate the reasons since we'll never know. Possibly the end of The Prodigy as well.
  2. He's like a chipmunk storing all the good stuff for himself, thankfully RDJ plays those tracks often in his sets.
  3. Or more likely they opted to put out Shobaleader One ‎– Elektrac first otherwise it would just perpetuate the idea that Squarepusher is living of his past works. https://www.discogs.com/Shobaleader-One-Elektrac/master/1146671
  4. That window of opportunity is long gone, during 2004-2005 they would have hit hard, specially with the Analord craze, then segue to Hello Everything (2006) and reach maximum perfection, serves him right, at least RDJ was able to realize that times are different and started to reach out to his fans and engage with them.
  5. Was just trying to write in a way you would understand. Anyway people are just virtue signaling at this point, Gong Acid is a great track you just don't get it, look how superior I am. His sound was always jungle with jazz which was what everyone was doing at the time and this is backed up by what he said in many interviews, sure there were other elements like acid but my point is still true but because it's not binary, it's too much for some people to get it because their brains just can't handle nuances.
  6. Except he didn't. Go Plastic is pretty much jungle taken to the extreme, where do you think these jungle breaks came from? Selection 16 - old gear setup + jungle breaks Ultravisitor is pure self indulgence, not many agree that this is a great release. Music Is Rotted One Note - Jazz influence, Miles David Hard Normal Daddy - Jazz influence, Weather Report etc Synthetic production started with Ufabulum and continued to Damogen Furies and surely to whatever he puts out next after his revisionist period is over. All my points are valid and contain no errors.
  7. https://youtu.be/ZBAM35gMYxo https://youtu.be/DtFL-Ud9tRI https://youtu.be/TMvdFbdW3Bk https://youtu.be/JDXh5l5BDY4
  8. Ultravisitor was the beginning of the end. Hello Everything and Numbers Lucent were the last records of worth he put out. Sorry if I don't speak autism but I don't get these "lol" posts when the records posted agree with my view point.
  9. Squarepusher problem is the same that all those mid 90's jungle and DnB producers faced after they ditched the funk and jazz samples, once that whole sound aesthetic got replaced by a synthetic production, the artist's shortcomings really got full exposure. In Squarepusher's case it's very evident, his horrible sound aesthetics were compensated by the samples or jazz influences along with the production tech and gear he used at the time which toned down the harshness and ear piercing frequencies, plus the terrible mixing. He also seems bankrupted when it comes to interesting ideas and melodies and his drums are total shit. So the answer is no.
  10. Stride portugal is really the standout track from the new ones, can't go wrong with funky breaks and basslines.
  11. Every Alien film so far, not counting the AvP ones, have had auteur directors who are known for a particular style, so their influence kind of comes with the territory, if they ever went with a more unknown director for hire, maybe Fox would exert more pressure to do them in a certain way. But really imo, seeing each person's take, including Ridley's, is about the only thing that keeps them interesting after almost 40 years. I'm probably the only person here that liked Alien: Resurrection, still do. Bloomkant would have been atrocious, his short movies that he has been posting really show his weakness. This doc is really interesting for more than one reason but seeing how Alien creative minds were put together is something that wouldn't happen today. What Moebius said about Ridley Scott was right on the money. https://youtu.be/jNas99oEXBU?t=25m46s
  12. The Cherenkov Radiation EP was great too, he also played as Arpanet at La Geoge in 2006 that was amazing some tracks were never released.
  13. In the early 80's and late 70's they had a of thinking heads working on these movies, it's not a coincidence that the later movies were all a failure because they had too much input from solely the director who has an insufferable ego.
  14. It's true regarding Donald stuck in this style but Rother did nothing better, Rother was always super direct and by the numbers, not cold - there's not a single one interesting or unexpected decision in his stuff. It probably has more appeal to some electro purists, but i doubt even that. I haven't kept up with Rother's output but his early 2000's you had the "Computer World" style electro, the cold mechanical electro, experimental, really great stuff. My favorite is probably this one https://www.discogs.com/Anthony-Rother-Art-Is-A-Technology/master/22005 have listened to it for years and never got tired. Even Gerald Donald Computer World style electro is a bit grating to hear now because it's so played out so I can fault him for trying a different approach in the mid 00's. Some artists just need managers, he even struggles with the live shows because people don't like the stuff he plays.
  15. It's funny because Goldie said in an interview that he couldn't make what he had in mind with the amen and that he listed to one of the main breaks in City Life all night long.
  16. Anthony Rother did it better in 2000, it's cold but the dynamics and sound aesthetics are miles ahead of what Gerald keeps making with his Tritons. Calabi Yau Space was his best in this style, don't know why he kept remaking it over and over with inferior attempts over 10 years.
  17. Angelo Badalamenti is 80 years old so I'm not surprised by the absence of his music but I wouldn't be equality surprised if the sound files he gave Lynch years ago are still being mixed in and used in Lynch's sound design.
  18. The first episode till Ep4 reminded me of X-Files and what a proper modern X-Files could be like. The atmosphere and the creepiness in the forest shots and the glass box creature were great and wouldn't be out of place for X-Files, so I got the itch out of modern X-Files and Twin Peaks at the same time, with Mulholland Dr. mixed in.
  19. That version of "Legend Of Phaxalot" is really great miles better than the EP version where you can't even hear the second lead synth properly. He fluffs the tracks too much these days, the live version in that set is closer to what his music used to sound like. Camelot Interlude is excellent too.
  20. Upon hearing the album maybe the blending of the tracks is intentional. This album really is absolutely fantastic as driving music, perfect chillwave for a journey, similar but different like the scenery! Hearing the album from the first track till the end is the only way since there's no standout tracks. Replayability is really low though, I can't imagine hearing it too often because of the points already made in previous posts.
  21. It's a good track but the sameness of these Cirklon tracks is really dreadful. He needs to change sequencer and go back to making lush tracks that don't sound cookie-cutter.
  22. The ending of Backyard (at 1:38:00), is it actually Backyard or is it another track coming in? If it's Backyard then it literally screams Squarepusher. EDIT: Oh nvm it IS actually Backyard since after that comes Mangle 11 and again, the ending of this version of Backyard sounds a lot like Squarepusher. It's an unreleased Squarepusher track, it was first time played by AFX on another set, I think it was in Ireland a long time ago, early 2000's. Edit: https://www.sendspace.com/file/q6rkk3
  23. Too bad there aren't any examples on youtube of FM synths built on the Orville sounds really interesting. So those Eventide machines really were what made Go Plastic sound so unique.
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