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  1. I've been playing an online game recently that relies on having a mic/comms. It's pretty popular in N america, Europe and UK and the UK servers are usually evenly mixed. By far and away the most toxic players are the Brits (with the possible exceptions of the French and the Russians, but they tend to be far fewer). Within that, the scousers and mancs are by some distance the worst offenders. Everyone knows how absolutely awful mancs are, but I haven't had any dealings with proper scousers for years and I'd forgotten just how whiny and passive aggressive (or overtly aggressive if they've had a drink) they are. The Scots are always drunk, no matter the time of day. Strangely the yanks are pretty much universally nice, even the ones with overtly maga usernames. The dutch are the friendliest, but the germans are funnier. I'm having long term prejudices both compounded and torn apart and I'm not sure how I feel about this.
  2. Yes lol. Here's another one for you. At the international students orientation they were giving us a welfare lecture and what to look out for if we thought one of our peers was a drug user. They started talking about lack of care over personal hygiene and appearance. At which point I shouted, "look, all the germans have been smoking marijuana".
  3. A long time ago when I was at uni in the States, there was an Asian American in the room a couple of doors down in the dorm. They had a big wipeable board outside their door for messages. One day coming back from class there was a queue of 20 other Asian American kids filing into the room. I looked at the message board and they had written, "Only the cool people are allowed in this room". I replaced this with, "Only the oriental people are allowed in this room". There was uproar when they filed back out. Still makes me chuckle. Anyway, only the cool people are allowed in the autechre room.
  4. Went to the hairdressers to get my pandemic man bun chopped off. Had autistically prepared my social interaction. "Man buns huh, they're just like a 21st century comb over etc". Got there and the hairdresser had a man bun. Sat in silence for 45 mins staring into the mirror, contemplating all my awful life decisions instead. Quite good haircut though.
  5. My cat has her own name for me. Or at least a vocalisation that she only uses when she sees me or wants to call me from another room. It's not a give me attention meow as she has plenty of those, and they're the same regardless of who she is talking to. Is this a thing?
  6. It could be an eq issue, or it could be composition. Don't forget you can use eq on busses/sends. Useful for effects sends in particular.
  7. I reverse all of my audio files when not in use, otherwise music becomes too disposable. Do get the odd complaint on soulseek though.
  8. Worth seeing live as well if you get the chance.
  9. When I first moved to London I was living beneath a large Irish catholic family consisting of mum, dad and nine siblings in a 3 bedroom flat. All of the kids were into Irish dance. Bloody river dance every night. When they moved out I convinced the landlord to resurrect his old 'no Irish, no blacks no dogs' sign though we did cross out the 'no blacks, no dogs' bit. Ended up with a couple of Saudi Arabian students. Nice lads who kept themselves to themselves. Very quiet right up until the night of the explosion. A couple of weeks later the cat found a severed hand in the back hedge once we were allowed back into the flat. Tried to hide it under the bed. Turned out not to be related to the explosion though, the local adolescent gang had found a tortoise and removed its shell, and then just threw it into the hedge.
  10. My band's practice room was in a warehouse down the Ouseburn in the mid 90s. There is or was a city farm there as well, we did the promo shots for one of the demos with a load of pigs. Ship Inn at lunchtime for a pint, cheese toasties and game of pool. I've just skipped through the video, will watch it in full later.
  11. We're all praying for you as you navigate through your nam pla odyssey. Good luck.
  12. I got gout from too much fish sauce, using it in none thai dishes. Do not recommend.
  13. chenGOD has asked me to clarify that he is technically not a dwarf as he is 4'11", and that it wasn't a monkey suit he was wearing but a child's bigfoot Halloween costume. That does create some categorisation problems for the special folder on my desktop.
  14. Joyrex has asked me to clarify that it wasn't a real monkey, but a dwarf in a suit. Happy to set the record straight.
  15. Don't feel bad, it happens to much better people such as myself too. Joyrex's video post of him wanking off a monkey for a bet has more than 5 times as many likes as my most liked post. It's generation Z, they want the quick fix of a 63 year old pleasuring a primate, rather than something requiring a bit of effort and erudition.
  16. What's the 'sensible' answer to the Jewish (Ashkenazi) genius question?
  17. Don't bring a fart to a shit fight.
  18. Don't play the idiot, you know exactly what it means.
  19. I like sayings that have animals in, but are actually about people.
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