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  1. Daydreaming always reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmO7TdQfcKs
  2. Listened to a bit of kode9 - really want to hear this!
  3. got stuff in the works https://soundcloud.com/by_skyline/peace-of-mind https://soundcloud.com/hexicdnb/channels
  4. https://soundcloud.com/crupeoplemusic/smoke-10000-plays ... it's bad, and not a joke or parody.
  5. I like the sound of this, never listened to Moody Coup. Is it worth a listen?
  6. Ok, the new album is out with this track in it that is actually called 'methodological' instead of 'cities'. The Bandcamp link is here.
  7. My latest album, consisting of tracks bordering the realms of glitchy, sometimes dance-ish sorts of music. Visit the 'More Information/Buy' link below to hear the album. More Information / Buy Bandcamp | Soundcloud This album contains tracks from and is an extension of my 'cities' EP, I decided to stick to a more cohesive style with a running theme in this album, hopefully with enough variation to keep things interesting enough for the listeners. I know it's not especially long, but as it is their's only 6 full-length tracks excluding the intro and the outro, and I have chosen to keep this short so that it is not full of excessive filler tracks that sound too similiar. Thanks for reading.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback, in light of this and the other thread - I will be releasing a new album entitled 'cities' very soon after this post. (Posted because y'all may be interested)
  9. Skyline - streets (EP) A short glitchy EP as a prelude to the album I am working on. Visit the 'More Information/Buy' link below to hear the EP. At the moment, the working title for the album is 'cities'. More Information / Buy Bandcamp | Soundcloud These tracks were largely inspired by the image I had in my head whilst making this music of a kind of 'dystopian' enviroment. Open the spoiler below to hear track previews from Soundcloud.
  10. I love the textures in this thing, some lovely noise you got there.
  11. Thanks, you may also want to check out my Bandcamp where most of my stuff is.
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