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  1. Sometimes. I've used it with my Nord Modular, mostly for reverb/delay which the Nord doesn't have. But I also use it almost like a Kaoss Pad, using track recorders and flex machines to glitch things up.
  2. My GAS thoughts lately, now that I have a stable income again: - What if I sold my Monomachine and bought a Syntrx? - I want a Monome Grid but maybe should settle on a Launchpad Mini Mk3 for messing around with custom sequencers in Max/Norns - I saw a $700AUD TR-09 on ebay which would be a bit redundant because I have the TR-06, but omg the toms and cuteness - It'd be fun to have a Kaoss Pad again - It'd also be fun to have a Lyra-8 again.. this time the white version, the black one was a mistake - Maybe I should get one of the next production run of M8s instead of any of the above, so I can keep my beta version at home / make 2x M8 tracks Money is a curse. yeah this. I'm avoiding even watching videos because I know I'll want one.
  3. welcome to vintage style drum machines lol I actually think it sounds great though. I got some ridiculously excellent footwork jams going at my friend's place a few months back.
  4. Awesome! Keen to dig into this. I've been trying similar things because I'm sick of visuals reacting to audio. I want audio to react to visuals!
  5. It means transpose all notes in column up by one semitone. I see you've fixed the issue, but it seems a bit of a long way to do it for just one note, when you could just re-enter the note at the octave you want?
  6. Champion, thanks! I also sadly lost the tons of recordings I made. I really should have put them on bandcamp or something..
  7. 10 years later bump, woo Does anyone have this saved somewhere? I'd love to hear it again, but my hard drives from this time are all dead. Also I'm using it as an example in a uni assignment 😄
  8. My girlfriend made one the other night and it was great. I've also accidentally cut a pear using a knife I'd just used to cut garlic, and then used the pear in a salad. It was an unusual combination but not offensive.
  9. I'm so keen. Buffer Override on main mix comp when!?
  10. Yeah, the pixel density is quite high. I can understand readability might be a bit tricky for some people. With the web display / Touch Designer patch though, you can mirror the screen at any size you like. Obviously doesn't work too well in a portable situation, but it's something!
  11. It sure is. fake edit: It's really cool seeing the production models getting into people's hands. It's a really exciting and high quality device and seeing people having fun with it is great.
  12. I'm so tempted by this, but given my history with romplers, I feel like I'd buy it, play with the presets for a bit, then get totally overwhelmed when trying to create my own and ultimately sell it because I wouldn't be doing anything with it that I can't already get out of the Wavestation VST.
  13. I've had my eye on the Roland Cube range for a while, was going to get one for busking but that's not likely to be a possibility any time soon. I think they're full-range amps as well, so will work well with non-guitar signals.
  14. lol I just chatted to tech support, apparently it's a known issue and the solution is to roll back the nvidia driver to a version that is known to work with the computer. I'll give it a try; still not switching to Windows for audio. It'll go in the loungeroom for gaming. Or I'll sell it or something.
  15. Win10 with absolute latest updates for everything.
  16. Yeah, this was what I wanted when I bought the PC. Sadly it also comes with a whole lot of fucking around in order to get things to work reliably; I lost a lot of time last week trying to diagnose my PC's problems—time I should have been spending on my uni work. I know it can be done, since I have friends who use Windows professionally for video editing, audio, etc., but I just don't have the patience anymore. I thought Windows could have got to the point where it was relatively transparent but it doesn't seem to be there yet. Also, little aesthetic/design nerd things like the UI font and being able to press option+shift+minus for an em dash instead of having to remember a code ended up being more important than I expected 😛
  17. I tried with Voicemeeter but had to run everything through it, including the internally generated audio, which resulted in latency from things like websites, which is a big nope for me, because I'm working on my browser based stuff and any latency keeps making me think there's something wrong with my code. Not anymore with the M1 architecture. I get what you're talking about but some things are just deal breakers for me, and I didn't realise until I tried to switch. Doesn't help if I want to plug multiple multi-track USB audio devices in at once that don't have individual analog outs. Haven't touched it. It's stock. I did open it not long after I got it to try disconnecting the garish front panel light, but reconnected it again because it somehow removed all lighting options from the software. It worked fine until only recently though.
  18. I'm getting them daily on the new PC, even after a reinstall of the OS. Something's definitely wrong with it. Even without the blue screens, I can't live with the way audio works in Windows. I've been spoiled by aggregate devices and native low latency in macOS.
  19. Latest GAS is for a new studio computer. Back in March I was experiencing some major crashes when streaming or editing video on my iMac, so I impulse purchased a PC, thinking enough is enough, I want an actual modular computer that I can repair / upgrade one part of and not have to throw the whole thing away / pay Apple to repair it for me. Turns out the PC was an endless source of frustration for me in terms of getting audio working to even close to the standard I expected from Apple computers, and then it started randomly freezing followed by blue screen errors that I couldn't diagnose after days of research. Bottom line is I don't want a computer that I spend more time configuring / troubleshooting than actually making music / uni work with. So back to Apple I go. Don't care how much cheaper it is to get a PC, and before anyone recommends things like Voicemeeter or ASIO4all, yes I've tried all of that and various things about them frustrated me. Anyone have experience with the new M1 range? Specifically the Mini? The only downside (apart from some software stuff) I've seen so far is that Bluetooth can be a bit flaky.
  20. I have Wavebone Gemini monitor stands and they're awesome. Not my photo: They clamp to the back edge of the desk so there's tons of room underneath.
  21. It was more like they lowballed him on the rights to use the Devilfish name/design, he refused, and then they (evidently) went and did it anyway.
  22. Yeah, I've noticed it's mostly Australian people who are really pushing it in more innovative directions, unless I just don't get to see the innovative stuff that people from other countries are putting out. Two more Australian ones for your collection, while we're on that subject: https://dotay.bandcamp.com/album/you-re-better-at-this-than-you-think LSDJ tracked out to tape, mixed and mastered at a 100% analog studio. Dot.AY is someone who I see as at the forefront of electronic music genre diversity, mostly from his radio shows where he manages to find some incredible micro-genres. He really has a great ear for consolidating a ton of different styles into a unique sound, something I aspire to. https://theythemmusic.bandcamp.com/album/flat-moon-society My collaborator in Nanoloop2 duo THE GOTH"S. Claire is one of the few people who is on my level when it comes to messing with audiences not through overwhelming them (as is the usual case with chip music), but through minimalism. This album was made with Nanoloop Mono and is almost SND-like in terms of how much space there is. (I've probably mentioned both of these here before but they deserve all of the reposts)
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