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  1. Looks like Untilted era to me. Typography nerding: the "t" is different to the LP5/EP7 typeface and the text is thinner overall.
  2. The tutorials on the site are great, they start from the very beginning and get into a lot of useful functionality. Lua is a very easy language to pick up as well. Funnily, I just started dipping into Max again and am finding that it's way more fiddly than just writing some code. I'm finding it really hard to get around the order of operations, and having to explicitly wire up things that I could fairly easily write with a few lines of multipurpose code. That said, I'm still pretty new to it, and have spent almost the past year using text based code so maybe I just need to think a bit dif
  3. Yeah, good point. JUCE is a whole world of pain in terms of even just getting things set up. I'm at the point with Window now though where it works as a straightforward 16th note sequencer in VST form, so it's only a matter of adding the remaining features and a few others. And I did want to make some basic synth engines to go along with these, but that's a long way down the line. Standalone with MIDI I/O only would be a breeze though 😄 Yeah the collision stuff is maybe not the best implementation. At every frame for each ball and for each line it measures the distance from each point, a
  4. thx! They were built in p5js so things like the balls moving through the lines are somewhat unavoidable (or my code sucks haha) but yeah, those suggestions sound good. I'm very slowly learning juce so maybe they'll be a bit more robust in VST form, where I can possibly use the audio engine to calculate the bounces etc. Different sounds/MIDI channels could be implemented as well.
  5. I really wish they hadn't spent the past year being fucking assholes, because this is exactly a thing I would buy. I have a BCR2000 with Zaquencer already but hate how ugly it is. Maybe Arturia will clone it 😛
  6. I'm slowly working on some stuff too. Just web things for now, but eventually I'd like to have a small "suite" of generative MIDI VSTs.. or at least, M4L patches. Bounce - A "sequencer" inspired by the best Electroplankton level where you bounce balls off lines to make a melody Window - Basic generative pattern sequencer where the note and timing data are decoupled
  7. Impressive work! It'd be interesting to try the same approach with some of his more abrasive stuff from around the same era, like classics, AB3 etc.
  8. Weird reasoning. I didn't buy it just for the buttons..(?) I bought it to eventually replace nanoloop2 in case my carts/GBAs fail. Oliver says it'll eventually exceed the functionality of nl2 so that's something to look forward to.
  9. To each their own, but I never really gelled with the iOS app. I was talking about the physical interface with gameboy style buttons.
  10. No it doesn't, you put them in from the back. There's a trick to it, but it gets easier once you've done it a few times. He said there'd be an analog channel, then that concept got scrapped and he announced that there will be an analog version in the future. The latest update says this is still happening, with a more compact form factor apparently. He develops the cartridge circuitry himself, and has been for many years. I agree there have been some questionable choices for this device (bare LEDs, open construction, the dome switches), but he's not just a "software guy".
  11. I don't think I like the idea of Weekly Beats after all. It's cool to pump out a ton of jams, but I feel like I never really make anything of substance. Nothing I've made has ended up on any releases, at the most I keep them as patterns I can mess with during live gigs. That said though, I think next year I'm gonna aim to have some kind of script that automates the entire process—generating and rendering a short piece of music, uploading it to the server, and writing a generated description. I'll have to talk to trash80 about getting access to the APIs (?) behind the WB's upload page. I'
  12. Actually that reminds me that one time I posted a video online and my nails just happened to be painted silver. One of the comments was "omg it a girl <3". Then when I clarified that no, I'm not a girl, he replied with "u break my hart" or something stupid like that.
  13. Yep. I will absolutely be more likely to like, comment etc on a track made by a woman (or non-binary person, or other under-represented person), simply because of that. We need more diversity in electronic music and under-represented people need to be encouraged as much as possible. If other women see that women posting their music is getting some positive attention instead of gatekeeping dicks telling them they're not using their gear properly or whatever, that'll allow the diversity to grow, at least somewhat. And that positive vibe cascades down to the younger generations as well, wher
  14. This is a good one. I can't say I've done it a lot, but it's kinda like plunderphonics but with your own music.
  15. No, the OT doesn't allow program changes to be parameter locked, for some reason. That's been a big request for years, and something I find confusing, since the Monomachine has it, as well as the Digi boxes..
  16. !! OT UPDATE !! Octatrack OS 1.40 comes crammed with new features such as Parameter Randomization, Tempo Per Pattern, MIDI Trig Modes, Parameter Locking Multiple Trigs simultaneously, Trig Preview, additional performance improvements, and much more yesssss So good. Gonna spend the day with it tomorrow 🙂
  17. Yeah that's not a real thing. The thing they were teasing was the anniversary black OT mk2: https://www.elektron.se/products/octatrack-mkii-anniversary-edition/
  18. Finally received my TR-06 preorder yesterday. Such a fun drum machine, takes the vibe of the 606 and really extends it with some very useful features. I just sat and zoned out with it and the TB-03 for a couple of hours today, so good. Might add the SH-01A tomorrow for some electro vibes 🙂 I think my experience with it (and the other boutiques) has been made even better by people shitting on the Roland Boutique range by calling them "VST in a box".
  19. It turned up the next day lol. The CD preorder direct from Bleep (that I ordered when it was announced) took way longer than the vinyl preorder from JB Hifi..
  20. lol I haven't even received my SIGN CD yet
  21. I keep forgetting about tracks like this, all their one-offs and compilation tracks. I'd buy a b-sides collection release even if it doesn't include any new tracks, just to have everything in one nicely compiled release.
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