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  1. Funny how the discussion here over the past few days has gravitated towards hardware sequencers, coincidentally just as I've been starting to obsess over them again and read/watch some reviews (or, tax return money has started to burn a hole in my pocket 😛).

    I've found myself in posession of several synths that don't have sequencers built in, and I'm now looking for interesting ways to sequence them. Of course, I could just sequence everything from the Octatrack, but that's a very specific and deliberate sequencing style that I seem to be less interested in recently. It's the same reason why I very nearly bought a Syntakt but decided against it because the sequencer, despite having all of the Elektron tricks, is still a bit rigid.

    I've looked at the Torso T-1, which looks pretty ideal, but is a bit on the expensive side, and is maybe a bit of a one trick pony; I know there would be something that'd annoy me about it. Other similar format sequencers like the Korg SQ-64 look cool with some interesting features, but ultimately seem like they'd be a bit fiddly.

    I ended up buying a decent price used Monome Grid, with plans to use it with Max/MSP and/or Norns to make some sequencers myself. I'll probably keep riffing on the Nanoloop clone that I started for Norns (perhaps with some generative features), and port across the browser based sequencers I've been developing over the past few years. I saw that there is also a Processing library for Grid, so that makes it even more interesting in terms of porting my existing sequencers across.

    Some drawbacks to this idea: Max/MSP seems a little unstable in terms of timing on my M1 Mac Mini, perhaps there are some settings I need to tweak. And my Norns shield is a little clunky, I need to replace an encoder and possibly build a new enclosure for it as the 3D printed buttons scratch against the (also 3D printed) enclosure when I press them.

    I also pulled out my old BCR2000 with Zaquencer and made a new laser cut overlay for it, to replace the crude printed-and-taped version I had on it before. I remember having fun with that sequencing my Nord Lead, so I'm keen to have a play with it again.

  2. On 6/3/2022 at 5:42 AM, dcom said:

    Keys is nice, but I still have to learn how to make it more versatile.

    Volca Keys is the one I miss the most. I sold it when I got the Monomachine, which can arguably make similar sounds, but there's something really fuzzy and weird about the Keys that makes it unique.

    On 6/3/2022 at 6:18 AM, Taupe Beats said:

    Volca Kick is extremely underrated (and fuck Bobeats)

    Ha, what did he do?

    On 6/7/2022 at 7:40 AM, TubularCorporation said:

    MIDI TRS anything is wack


  3. On 1/2/2022 at 1:39 AM, cern said:

    Is there anyone who likes to use Octatrack as an effect unit only? What fx do you using from there (useful) 

    Sometimes. I've used it with my Nord Modular, mostly for reverb/delay which the Nord doesn't have. But I also use it almost like a Kaoss Pad, using track recorders and flex machines to glitch things up. 

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  4. My GAS thoughts lately, now that I have a stable income again:

    - What if I sold my Monomachine and bought a Syntrx?

    - I want a Monome Grid but maybe should settle on a Launchpad Mini Mk3 for messing around with custom sequencers in Max/Norns

    - I saw a $700AUD TR-09 on ebay which would be a bit redundant because I have the TR-06, but omg the toms and cuteness

    - It'd be fun to have a Kaoss Pad again

    - It'd also be fun to have a Lyra-8 again.. this time the white version, the black one was a mistake

    - Maybe I should get one of the next production run of M8s instead of any of the above, so I can keep my beta version at home / make 2x M8 tracks


    Money is a curse.


    2 hours ago, Stickfigger said:

    That synth would be GAS triggering if it cost 1/3 as much 

    yeah this. I'm avoiding even watching videos because I know I'll want one.

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  5. 8 hours ago, cern said:

    It Changing All the notes in the same track when in the option under “Column Operations” it says: Transpose One note up/down.

    How can one note means All the notes in the same track? 🤨

    It means transpose all notes in column up by one semitone. 

    I see you've fixed the issue, but it seems a bit of a long way to do it for just one note, when you could just re-enter the note at the octave you want?

  6. 23 minutes ago, Zephyr_Nova said:

    just occured to me I've never tried pizza containing both pineapple and garlic.  that sounds fucked up, but what if it's actually the best flavour combination and no one's ever bothered trying it?

    My girlfriend made one the other night and it was great. 

    I've also accidentally cut a pear using a knife I'd just used to cut garlic, and then used the pear in a salad. It was an unusual combination but not offensive. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, Grain Bastard said:

    definitely something I would need to try before buy though as my eyes ain’t what they used to be. I’m fine with the little screen on the OP-1 so it’ll probably be ok. 

    Yeah, the pixel density is quite high. I can understand readability might be a bit tricky for some people. With the web display / Touch Designer patch though, you can mirror the screen at any size you like. Obviously doesn't work too well in a portable situation, but it's something!

  8. lol I just chatted to tech support, apparently it's a known issue and the solution is to roll back the nvidia driver to a version that is known to work with the computer. I'll give it a try; still not switching to Windows for audio. It'll go in the loungeroom for gaming. Or I'll sell it or something. 

  9. 6 hours ago, TubularCorporation said:

    i need something with a long lifespan that can be repaired, customized and upgraded easily with good backward compatibility, and Macs don't offer any of that in my experience.

    Yeah, this was what I wanted when I bought the PC. Sadly it also comes with a whole lot of fucking around in order to get things to work reliably; I lost a lot of time last week trying to diagnose my PC's problems—time I should have been spending on my uni work.

    I know it can be done, since I have friends who use Windows professionally for video editing, audio, etc., but I just don't have the patience anymore. I thought Windows could have got to the point where it was relatively transparent but it doesn't seem to be there yet.

    Also, little aesthetic/design nerd things like the UI font and being able to press option+shift+minus for an em dash instead of having to remember a code ended up being more important than I expected 😛 

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