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  1. Ha, aimless generative music is basically all I'll be uploading this year ? https://weeklybeats.com/0F
  2. It's different, for sure. I like it because it's more interactive/social than just messing around by myself in my studio, which can get lonely sometimes. I've just started a restream.io account, so I can stream to a few platforms at once (does twitch allow for music streaming as well or is it just games?), which should open things up a bit.
  3. yeah this I told myself I wouldn't do it again this year, but I just uploaded a track for it. I've established a goal to do more streaming this year, so the majority of my uploads will be excerpts from my streams. Hopefully mostly using Orca as well..
  4. Yeah Pilot sounds great, but again the lack of documentation is a bit weird. I've managed to figure most of it out, except for the 4 "membrane"/drum channels, which don't respond to envelope commands in the same way that the other channels do. The Norns build has a few weird bugs, so I may actually stick to the desktop version until they're fixed. I'd love to get stuck in to lua scripting and build my own squarp-alike but that's for another thread ?
  5. I finally gave this a try after grabbing it months ago, with renewed interest thanks to norns (there's a port for it), and it's awesome. Made a simple little nanoloop-style sequencer with it paired to Pilot (a suggested companion synth which I still don't fully understand) and got some dark industrial techno stuff going pretty quickly. Pilot seems very much geared towards the music Devine/Aliceffekt makes, which is fine by me because I love his stuff ? My only minor gripe is that the documentation is very obscure, missing some information, or the information is spread across various forum threads and github docs (e.g. keyboard shortcuts). I think I'm gonna have to make my own little "pocket" guide or something, with all of the information I've collected on it. Actually might do that now.
  6. It's what was called a "daughterboard" in the 90s—a board that attaches to a raspberry pi to add functionality; in this case, a screen, encoders, buttons and audio interface. Norns is a hardware device that can run lua scripts and supercollider code. It's got USB host ports and network connectivity as well, so can be basically anything, as long as you can code it (or find something that someone else has made). I'm pretty keen to get started making my own sequencers etc for it.
  7. I ordered parts to build 3 DIY Norns shields for raspberry pi. Parts finally arrived the other day and I made one today! My first SMD soldering project. I can't believe it actually works. I'm gonna build and sell the other two, and hopefully make back the money it cost to buy the parts. Free Norns!
  8. Mine has been sitting in its carrybag since early October haha. I kinda feel bad about not using it enough, it's so lush.
  9. So cute to see people saying $15 for rails is expensive. Come to Australia sometime, I'll show you some real exorbitant eurorack prices ? (I paid $63AU for two 84hp rails with threaded inserts, and that was the lowest price I could find)
  10. Yeah I've wanted a lap steel ever since I heard one in a Mogwai song 10 years ago lol.. maybe I'm due another alt country phase
  11. Yeahhhh I think it's a combination of purist boc fanboys and wattm's general decline in quality over the past few years. I rarely promote my own stuff here anymore (though if I made a plugin as polished as this I probably would!). Cool idea for a plugin. I can understand how it's doing well, nice work!
  12. oh shit they're still making them? I have Daphon delay and phaser pedals I bought in 2006 that are still going.. I don't use them much anymore at all but they're better quality than I expected.
  13. Also re: microtuning, I do agree a lot of microtonal/non-standard EDO stuff is nice, but it still doesn't really make me want to make music with those systems, especially since most of my gear doesn't support microtuning anyway!
  14. Yeah this seems to be the deal that's been happening at a few stores in Australia as well. It's kind of an insane price for what you get.
  15. I still haven't really heard much microtonal music that inspires me enough to actually get into it myself. Stuff like this is incredible.. .. but I can't think of any way I'd fit that into my music. The closest I've come to actually making music using microtuning is using slightly out of tune samples in order to give tracks a dodgy rave feel haha
  16. Already happening! See Microfreak and *logue examples..
  17. Ooof, been there. For me records were my addiction before synths. I still have a collection of maybe 200 or so. I never listen to them anymore. I tried putting a bunch up on discogs, which worked for a while, but then a few people flaked out on me in a row, so it kinda put me off.
  18. Well, I have my Elektrons for detailed sequencing ?
  19. Haven't visited this thread in a while, but this came up in my youtube recommendations today and is actually pretty amazing
  20. Nah, I'm building my own Teensy based thing to fit in a 1U space, based on a couple of schematics/sketches I found. The Dubledeca looks great though! I might take a look at the code and/or schematics and see how it compares to what I want to build. Get the Model:Samples instead imo. I know it's between two and three times the price of the Volca, but it's a lot more capable. I played a very spontaneous set lastnight using it. A friend had to cancel his set and asked me to fill in; I was already on my way and had my M:S with me, but with no patterns programmed into it. I sat at a table for 5 minutes choosing a kit of samples on a blank pattern, then plugged into the PA and played a surprisingly dynamic 25min set, everything generated on the fly, one pattern, 6 samples. It was ridiculous. I've never been able to do that so quickly with any other device. Also it works very well with an external battery pack; I found a cheap one that holds 4 AA batteries. I'm not sure how long it lasts on those, but I'll do some testing soon.
  21. I'm very surprised by the price, it actually seems pretty cheap for what it's capable of. Yeah, same. The NerdSeq looks cool, but as well as the lack of keyboard control, for me modular has been about getting away from super detailed sequencing and just controlling things by chance etc. That said, I am about to build a MIDI to CV interface so I can use my OT to sequence my tiny setup.
  22. lol maybe someday.. I was considering it, but the form factor and the promise of a battery pack (even if I have to 3D print one myself) sold it for me.
  23. Sold a couple of eurorack bits and pieces (and my volca drum is soon to go as well, once I sample it thoroughly) and bought a Model:Samples. I couldn't resist; it's just so cute. It's nice to have an Elektron device that's a bit more lightweight and, interestingly, more limited. I'll probably use it mostly for drums, but I can imagine it being really nice with single cycle waves, especially with the wider octave range than on the octatrack. I also feel like I'm sometimes wasting the OT's tracks when just playing back a kick sample or something, so the M:S can take over some of the more simple playback duties.
  24. Guys you'll never believe it! I just found a Mother32 for only 75 turtles!
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