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  1. The sign of a truly good chiptune synth is its ability to go beyond typical chip sounds. I'm glad it's capable of stuff like that. So many of us chip musicians are trying to push the boundaries of what's possible on the hardware, meanwhile tons of synth companies come out with shitty "8bit" products that are only capable of the stereotypical bleep bloop sounds (e.g. TE's PO-20).
  2. Anyone else into the new Cannibal Corpse album? Bit more thrashy than their previous stuff, some actual sick riffs and melodic parts among their usual impenetrable dissonance (which I do also love). fuck I'm not sure if I'm ready to experience Portal again. I saw them live a few years ago stoned out of my mind (thanks to a friend's edibles that were way too strong for me) and it was too much lol. I definitely want to listen to them again at some point though.
  3. Honestly all of my gear with built in rechargeable batteries makes me anxious. My Gameboy Micros barely last an hour until they show a low battery indicator, which means I've had to retire them from live shows. I'd much rather have a set of rechargeable AAs that I can replace and keep the device going than a built-in one that deteriorates after a few years.
  4. edit: in reply to @TubularCorporation And? If Elektron suddenly start making products I don't like, I'll stop buying them. Again, they don't owe us anything. I'm probably the biggest Elektron fanboy on this forum but it's only because they make gear that I enjoy using. If they suddenly become like TE or Apple or whatever, I'll say "ah well, that sucks" and move on. Yeah, but there are people complaining that they were misled or whatever, when it was well advertised from the beginning what the device would look like, and that it would take AA batteries.
  5. lol that guy didn't want one in the first place, and just bought one so he could shit on it even more. He's going out of his way to post it in as many places as possible. I'm surprised he hasn't posted here. I don't get why people are so passionate in their hate of this product. Just.. don't buy it? Elektron doesn't owe us anything. They've already made several amazing devices that won't suddenly stop working now that they've released a battery handle that isn't rechargeable.
  6. I don't really need it. I bought a tiny battery pack that holds 4x AA batteries not long after I got my Samples, and then got a USB to barrel adaptor which allows it to be powered by a powerbank. I'll likely use the battery handle now that I have one, but especially not having a stable income, I couldn't really justify buying one.
  7. It doesn't rest on the connector. It clips onto the enclosure without needing the cable connected and doesn't put any stress on it at all. I was a beta tester for the handle and while I wouldn't have bought one; I found it a lot less goofy than it looks. I don't mind that it takes AA batteries, I have tons of rechargeables from years of using gameboys to make music so
  8. But any machine would be useless with a dead CPU? Surely it's still under warranty.. it's a bit ridiculous to think "ah well, screen's broken, it's useless, better just throw it away". Faults happen on even the most high end machines. There's always something that can be done about it, especially if it's not even a year old?!
  9. Wait, it didn't have arp/slide (portamento)/gate (note cut) before? Or were they previously available as other commands? Those three are kinda essential for a tracker imo.
  10. so is everyone just getting this to flip, or..? I can't imagine it'd be even practical to sit and listen to on vinyl. Is this physical bitcoin?
  11. Valid. There's something good about an all-in-one unit. Please post some videos when you get it!
  12. There's a somewhat incomplete manual here. If there's something missing (or you have a question), jump on the Discord and request it; someone should be able to either help you out or update the manual accordingly. No conditional triggers as yet, but there is the CHA (chance) command which can either be applied to a note (trigger chance) or parameter (chance the parameter is triggered). Also, there is the RAN command, which repeats the last command with a random parameter, within a specified range. Those two together can get close to making some generative stuff, as well as using tables in 00 speed mode (table will only advance when a note hits). If you're wondering what tables are, consider it like a little sequencer per instrument that can run at a division (or multiplication) of the tempo, or the aforementioned 00 speed mode where it acts almost like a sample and hold, but any commands can be placed in the table, so it can get pretty complex. Yes! I've used it with the TouchDesigner patch to stream, and stream USB audio into my DAW. I've also used it to control my QY70, NS5R and some other things. And controlled it with my Keystep + RK006. It's pretty solid as a MIDI sequencer. You get 10 automatable CCs per instrument instance. It's not 100% there as a live playing synth/sound module though. Its primary use is as a sequencer, so currently there's no release phase on the envelope, for example. Or polyphony, unless you use something like the RK006 to split polyphony into different MIDI channels. Yes, trash80 is very prolific with features. It's being updated constantly, with the most recent firmware released yesterday. There's a Trello board (can't find the link but it's somewhere on Discord) showing the roadmap, but jump on the Discord and have a chat if you've got something in mind. I'm not sure if he's planning on implementing Link but the MIDI sync/position implementation is getting pretty robust. Yeah, once I'm not completely overwhelmed with uni stuff I want to get really stuck in to making some M8 tunes, either standalone (it's actually mindblowing what it's capable of internally) or with aforementioned sound modules like the QY70/NS5R for those lush pads.
  13. Interesting idea, and maybe more convenient, but it's probably cheaper to get genMDM + GENajam + an actual Megadrive/Genesis.. Still, keen to see how you go with it.
  14. That's like saying it's easy to rip the encoders off the board on Elektron products if you try to remove the caps using a hammer. The only issue I've seen with a pre-production M8's keys is from someone trying to remove the spring that makes the click sound (which, for the record, many of us have done successfully); they accidentally broke part of the assembly. I use it at home mostly. It's a good couch device. It's also not really comparable to the Digi/Model series Elektron gear in terms of sequencing (I know I mentioned sound earlier), in that it's definitely designed more for writing detailed "songs" rather than techno style pattern iteration (though its live mode is good for that, and the instant song file switch while playing is an awesome feature for live playing). I definitely get more into a composition mindset due to it being a tracker, not that everyone uses it like that, but that's just how I feel with it. It's also the most detailed hardware sequencer I own, except maybe the QY70, but I never went too deep into that. I did think this at first as well, but now I find it pretty comfortable to use, either handheld or on a tabletop. It becomes pretty quick once you get a sense of the screen map and common button combinations. I find it much easier to use than a gameboy d-pad+buttons.
  15. The keys are pretty low profile and quite solid. The switch actuators are wider than they are tall, but I guess the stems on the caps could be broken off with enough force. I think trash80 is looking into including a basic case/pouch type thing with it. I use some kind of passport travel pouch with mine, it's actually perfect for it.
  16. Yeah, M8 is definitely aiming for ultraportable. It can't really be compared to a phone either, because.. have you ever tried using a tracker on a phone? Even Sunvox is cramped as fuck on a phone. M8 is a device capable of producing full, polished songs. It's not a sketchpad. It's a workstation.
  17. It's the best thing to show people who say it's not worth the money because it's "just an eight mono track sequencer". Obviously not everyone is going to be able to pull off what Ess did here, but it's super flexible for being able to do this kind of stuff.
  18. They're full size Kailh switches with low profile choc keycaps. If you can type on a computer keyboard, you can use this.
  19. I've got one and it's awesome. Sound-wise on par with Elektrons. The wavsynth and FM engines sound brilliant, with great filters and multiple types of distortion to get deep with sound design. And then there's a Braids port on top of that! It's almost like having a pocket monomachine. But with better reverb. Extensive MIDI implementation, including assignable CCs, control of song row position and even navigation. Can control and record external instruments too, even create stems from externally sequenced gear. The keys are amazing, it's so nice having high quality keys on a gameboy form factor product. It looks way less comfortable to use than it is, it actually fits really nicely in my hands. Screen-wise, it's based on the LSDJ style of tracking which has been constantly developed over the past 20+ years, so is pretty optimised for small screens, and allows for quick movement between levels of detail so it doesn't feel too menu divey. Obviously trackers are great on bigger screens but it really isn't such a big deal here. Also, there's a "headless" version of the firmware that is freely available, which you can load onto a Teensy 4.1 and use via USB and a web interface (or a Touch Designer sketch). I thought this was a super generous move from trash80, it means you can try it out without having to buy a unit. I know people like to completely fucking shit on things here (it's why I rarely come here anymore), but the M8 is fkn incredible, and worth twice the money imo.
  20. ha maybe I kinda know what has to be done, but I can never keep it up. Consistency is a big one. I also noticed a pretty decent increase in my subscribers/viewers once I started becoming a bit more open about my processes/knowledge, whether through live streams where people can watch me make a track, or even tutorial videos showing how to do some obscure thing generally nobody really would use but is perhaps interesting enough to attract viewers lol.
  21. Well, many of them do create work outside of the youtube demos. I mean, Cenk actually works for Elektron, for example. And Benn is a pretty legit professional musician. And even the ones who are making content as their primary "thing" are likely making most of their money through Patreon, Gumroad, online education sites etc. As sad as it is, it's becoming harder to make money just from chucking an album on Bandcamp every now and then. One thing I agree with you about is the consumerism aspect; I've only just started to become aware of how easily influenced I am by a good synth review, so I tend to stay away from a lot of them unless I'm looking for something specific. But most of the synth youtubers out there do more than just demo gear; again I'll reference Benn because he has a lot of interesting things to say about fairness and gatekeeping in electronic music, and I respect him for that.
  22. It's branding. Why is it such a horrible thing that they're making their videos recognisable?
  23. I have no opinion on the first guy (can't remember his channel name, is it once upon a synth?), and I understand Cuckoo somehow irrationally enrages people (why?), but Benn Jordan has some very interesting content on his channel, and Cenk.. well them's fighting words if you think his only contribution is being a "synth influencer with plants". Also, set dressing is fun.
  24. fucking hell what a horrible person. I kinda want to get a microkorg now just to spite them.
  25. This would be my choice. 4-part multitimbral, very nice architecture, plenty of patch storage, multiple outs.
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