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  1. Zole - I should have known I'd get some interest in this, hehe.
  2. should i offer him $50 and/or swap another drum machine for it, and keep it for myself (probably pretty useless because i don't really make the kind of music that would use an 808)? or shall i tell him how much i can get for it on ebay and offer to split the profit?
  3. modey


    Uh, wasn't there a Future Music remix pack for this song about 8 years ago?
  4. hehe.. i just realised that i've gone about two months without any means to make pure electronic music. maybe i'll install buzz again but i'm having too much fun with a piano and a guitar and a drumkit at the moment. ps. yes trackers! i started on ft2 and have been into trackers ever since.. my short flirt with reason was exactly that - short. fuck, i really hope buzzle or buze get completed soon.
  5. Yes that's correct. Also not pictured are a couple of multi-fx boxes and a homemade big muff.
  6. A little messy at the moment, but who cares.
  7. Pretty much all of my tracks are monophonic. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stereo balance, so much so that I don't even bother panning instruments most of the time.
  8. Hmm, I might submit some stuff. Lately I can only really write loops anyway. I'll have a look at the beta when I'm not in such a bad mood.
  9. They are modified Grados.. Not sure what is different though. To my ears they are great for bass! Fenix Funk 5 is fucking excellent through them, hehe.
  10. I have these and they are freakin' awesome for mixing/monitoring/etc: http://headphones.com.au/prod_one.php?productID=19#top They are very open though, so probably not the right ones to get if you want isolation.
  11. i think a richard d james home video would be just great. just taking a video camera around and filming random things. would be much more entertaining than 2 hours of him behind a laptop while pre-recorded versions of his tracks play for an audience.
  12. I've been discussing with my band the possibility of doing an AFX or Autechre cover, Arched Maid sounds like it'd work really well with a band, especially the solos!
  13. hmm, maybe i'll wait until the tracks find their way onto internets. don't think i can be bothered faxing something internationally hehe.
  14. woah cool, i'm totally going to give this a shot heh
  15. it's because come to daddy sounds like it has guitar in it, therefore aphex twin = band
  17. well.. i don't think australia is a possibility for us in the near future. is this something that happened to you? YES Let me just say i wish my current girlfriend would actually listen to the stuff that i play rather than say 'i kinda like this' and then retreat to the bedroom to play some bland nu-metal or j-pop on her mp3 player.
  18. Yeah, it may be fun now that your girlfriend likes aphex but then in three years when you move back to perth and she goes to queensland for a three week conference and she comes back and breaks up with you because you've changed so much in the last three weeks and then you stay friends for a while when she goes back to sydney but after you get a new girlfriend she gets all weird.. THEN shit gets fucked up.
  19. Thanks! Yes it was paulstretch but the files were modified, I know it wasn't so awesome technically but it got special mention!
  20. Yeah, it was definitely a real piano, you can hear the mechanics of it.
  21. Come on guise, it's totally sequenced. Take Avril 14 for example, that's rigid as fuck. Same with Kesson Dalef or whatever the hell the title is.
  22. yeah when i listen to afx 6/b i see a big fat knob squeezing its juice out onto my eyeballs. lots
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