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  1. Editable sounds, built-in effects, multiple trigger outputs are a few I can think of off the top of my head.
  2. Yeah I'm honestly surprised Elektron haven't made a polyphonic sample playback machine. It seems to be a bit of a gap in the market, with only the OP-1 / OP-Z* and maybe the MPCs supporting it? Maybe the MC-707 as well.. Really it could be a Digitakt firmware update to make it more like the Digitone in terms of voice allocation.. * - OP-Z's utterly abysmal sample storage space makes it almost not count. In other news, I'm seriously considering getting that TR06.. I have a real 606 on permanent loan from a friend but the TR06 looks perfect for my little ambient techno setup I've been enjoying lately.
  3. @Berkdid you get the new one? It has a USB port now for sample transfer. Even the original one seems pretty great though, especially with the third party editors available.
  4. lol I sold off all my eurorack and dropped $1100 on a top of the line electric adjustable desk and am thinking of getting a new chair and vocaloid with the remaining money
  5. I don't know the price range for the production version, he's still figuring that out. The "limited edition" was $350US though. It's definitely worth that price, at least.
  6. I just got an email saying that I'm finally at the top of the Pulsar-23 waitlist. Can't afford it though 😞 It did push me to finally sell the rest of my eurorack though. I just can't be bothered with euro at the moment. It was fun for a while, but constant struggles with integrating it with non-eurorack setups were endlessly frustrating. As much as I tried to tell myself that a tiny, mostly effects based modular setup would work, it really didn't work for me. Anyway, in other news, my M8 arrived on Sunday! Sounds amazing. Can't wait until I'm comfortable enough with it to make some full tracks. Seems like the Nanoloop device isn't far off either. With these two I don't think I'm gonna miss eurorack. Especially since M8 has Braids and similar wavefolding options to Warps built in.
  7. Fair enough. If it's what you're used to then I guess it's not an issue. I just see people throwing around the term DAWless like it's some kind of trophy or standard to aim for. Like beginners aren't going to feel like they're making legit music unless a DAW isn't involved. I remember a similar attitude in the early 00s when software like FL was starting to appear. My setup: everything runs through my interface and the only way I can even hear anything is if I've got a DAW open and armed to record. My computer is on all the time, and Reaper is only a click away with a default template at startup that has everything armed. Even if I've been working at my computer all day it's one click before I can just turn away to my gear and forget it's even there. I've also got my R16 set up so that transport and mixing on the device controls Reaper, so I use that a lot for levels etc.
  8. I don't understand the whole DAWless recording thing. It's 100x easier to record in a DAW and see what is actually going on than on a standalone recorder.
  9. Yeah it's a shame Uli has seemingly gone to great lengths to prove how much of a dick he is in the past year or so. A lot of my friends have been buying the TD3 and are very happy with it. That said, I went with the TB03 instead and am very happy with it, especially since it has delay/reverb built in as well.
  10. Yeah and they're a bit grating somehow, compared to the original. Not bad though. With the individual outs it's less of an issue. Again it's something I'll look out for on the secondhand market, because I do love the 606 sound.
  11. I bought some Kailh low profile mechanical keys on aliexpress today to hopefully mod my Squarp Pyramid, does that count? ugh I nearly bought one of those not long ago. I played one in a music store and kinda fell in love with it. At that price it's damn tempting.
  12. Ha yeah, when I want to get something down super quickly I just use software. I'm working on music for a game that I'm making and have found that it's way easier to do it all in software because it's possible to go back and make changes without having to re-record anything.
  13. I recently went on a bit of a gear buying spree after selling some gear and records. Pretty impulsive, but I ended up with: Roland SH01A + TB03: I never thought I'd like these, but I am so glad I bought them, as the form factor is beautiful and there are so many sounds I randomly stumble upon from some of my favourite classic IDM tracks. Korg NS5R: I got it into my head that having a QY70 and SY22 wasn't enough in terms of romplers, so tracked down one of these. Super lush and weirdly interesting to program. Pairs nicely with Pyramid, which it has finally got me using! Retrokits RK-006: I got sick of not having a USB-MIDI host. This has the benefit of also doing a whole lot of other stuff with MIDI that I'll likely never use. Chase Bliss MOOD: Probably the most impulsive purchase of the lot. Lush pedal, but it is definitely most appropriate for live playing. I'll keep it around for a bit longer, but I'll probably eventually move it along. I blame lockdown for all of this 😛
  14. I remember some Italian guitar amp design that had tuned guitar strings on a frame in front of the speaker; something like that would be interesting.
  15. Contrary to popular belief, the "spring" in spring reverb actually refers to the season. You'll notice it'll sound like rubbish any other time of the year. Not enough pollen to make a proper connection.
  16. My dad made me a matrix "mixer" a few years back using reed switches laid out in a grid that you place small magnets on to make the connections. It's just passive, but I think reed switches are a pretty fun idea for a matrix, because you can basically use any magnet you like to activate it, as long as it's strong enough, and the circuitry can be hidden underneath a panel for maximum aesthetic.
  17. I remember there was one in Buzz that could get well beyond just adding punch to drums. I can't remember what it was called, but it used to completely obliterate things on extreme settings. Not much help I know.. edit: actually it was ld transient lol. Still not much help if you don't use Buzz 😛
  18. Plaid are special for me. I haven't enjoyed all of their albums (I couldn't get through The Digging Remedy for some reason) but what I like, I love. Double Figure is an obvious classic. P-Brane is top tier IDM for me. Polymer blew me away. Not For Threes and Rest Proof Clockwork are lovely albums that are as much respectable as early AFX imo. It's strange that I hold them in such high regard when I only really love half of what they've put out, but I've always felt some connection with their music. I'm a sucker for melody, and I think they're among the most melodic/emotional of the Warp artists from that era, even though their melodies are often a bit awkward and naive. Woah, thanks for linking! I loved his contributions to Plaid tracks, I'm definitely keen to check his other stuff out. New Family is a banger! Probably my favourite Plaid track.
  19. It was this mod, not sure if they still do it but it looks like they do: https://www.circuitbenders.co.uk/drummachine/TR707.html
  20. I played with a circuit bent 707 a few times. Sounded way more interesting than the original sounds, which are great, but the bends that are possible really take it into crazy territory.
  21. Yeah gotta say, as much as I hate Behringer at the moment, the RD9 seems pretty great. Maybe I'll pick one up secondhand or something.
  22. What's the deal with that? I've been making a sequencer in p5js and even the simplest code makes my imac's fan sound like it's about to take off!
  23. @sheatheman have you been keeping track of M8? https://dirtywave.com/ It's got more effects than the Polyend, and has its own synth engines as well (including a port of Braids). Plus, it's LSDJ based so can get really wacky with timing and micro-step stuff, as well as uneven lengths for each pattern in a track etc. The only possible downside is that the handheld format isn't for everyone. But it has a lot of useful shortcuts to help where the lack of buttons may otherwise hinder it. I'm in on the preorder list for one of the 80 "earlybird" units which are being made by hand before the production models, which will likely be produced later this year. Of course I'll be making videos and posting them here 🙂 The Polyend looks like it'd be better for going back to basics / old style tracking, where a lot of the heavy lifting is done by the quality of the samples/sequencing rather than effects. The M8 has more potential to exploit effects and synthesis. The sound demos have been amazing so far. I mean, listen to the fkn thing: I'm irrationally excited.
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