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  1. i've been wanting to go to the u.k. for about 20 years now, so if i were in their position, i'd use this as an excuse for a u.k. vacation, and not have my hopes pinned on the boc thing. but i find it amazing that fanboys have the time and resources to drop everything and fly from the u.s. to scotland for a (slim) chance of seeing something happen. is it all on mom's credit card or what? it'll be interesing what this board looks like in a couple hours. will boc have fewer fans tomorrow? or will the obsessed take it to another level?
  2. nothing about this seems right. it's probably just m & m (plus some hex-sunners) sitting around a keg in the hex sun garage with the wife and kid. the "code" was just what kinds of snacks to bring (trail mix, etc.) mabye a fanboy will find the garage and give them a good stalk.
  3. can we move this post to the "BOC is mostly Ok" subforum?
  4. “A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity” -baltasar gracian "I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you” -friedrich nietzsche
  5. all good points. i must admit, my blood was racing a bit while reading the post. this could be an interesting week!
  6. it actually wasn't the content that i found suspicious, it was the "i'm glad i found this site, here's what i know" comment, as if this person had heard some things and thought, "there must be some sort of forum where boc-heads are sitting 'round racking their brains about this thing-I CAN HELP!". did he/she really just find twoism? that seems unlikely. and i seem to recall someone from watmm creating an account over there to add fuel to the "boc are evil 666" thread, or whatever it was called. i'm not one who frowns on the speculation and "treasure hunt" aspect of all this, i enjoy it. i feel like we're being given a glimpse into the hex-sun life. something about that post just struck me. yeah, it's obvious something is going to happen, i agree with you there. i hope whatever event takes place is documented.
  7. it sounds to me like someone is fucking with the good folks over at twoism.
  8. who cares? if you enjoy it, enjoy it. if it bothers you, put it away and leave it alone. i love boards of canada. i do enjoy their music. but like mr mcgreggor would say on "stay": "i want some %[email protected]#ing answers!!!!!" you may not get them. what the hell is up with boards of canada? fredd-e's boc pages
  9. who cares? if you enjoy it, enjoy it. if it bothers you, put it away and leave it alone.
  10. i don't like moby because, in my opinion, he makes bad music. really bad. but you're on the right track with boc. after some time you'll forget you ever listened to moby. because you will be brainwashed. like the rest of us.
  11. it's not like these are for sale on www.boardsofcanada.com. i mean, it is the mtv.com site. surely they just pay boc a fee and produce the ringtones themselves? it's one thing to question boc attaching their name to these, it's another to assume they actually physically produced them. cash in i say. why shouldn't they?
  12. this is probably a jazz band question, but i'll ask it anyways (at least it won't be a jazz band thread). does anyone have a list of the known samples used by boc? i had no idea there was a 'strawberry fields forever' sample tucked away in there and i'm sure there are many more that i'm not aware of.
  13. actually, it's when you play it forwards, in the fade out, john says, "cranberry sauce", but it sounds a bit like "i buried paul" (or it sounds nothing like that, unless that's what you want it to sound like). damn, too slow. i_buried_paul.mp3
  14. that's exactly what i was picturing as well. was the first surfer supposed to be kittinger emerging from the ocean after his jump? not executed very well.
  15. which one looks hotdog-powered? i say they both run on foot longs.
  16. how long until the first fake leak?
  17. there's yet another up on ebay (.com) now. starting bid: $86. or "buy it now" for $149! here
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