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  1. hey sean hey rob can I give you money for this track in high quality?
  2. I ordered a large through the AE store from the pacific NW. Guess I'll send em an email
  3. Hey hey, this seems like the best thread to mention this: My order of the NTS shirt is still marked as processing even though I ordered it over a week ago. Am I the only one in this boat?
  4. qaz

    elseq 1-5

    foldfree casual is so good. What else have I been sleeping on??
  5. We were wrong all along. This is Autechre's 18th album!
  6. Piezo and Nine are an incredible two tracks especially right next to each other, damn geniuses
  7. It's an odd one, the last two-and-a-half minutes are one of my favourite bits of the whole sessions but the first 10 minutes do nothing for me. It has something that I really like in music: it pulls me in with repetition/gradual changes and doesn't let go. (Swans gets to me in a similar way, bring the sun, she loves us, mother of the world, etc) On top of that it sound more mysterious and less like something I can understand, if that makes sense, as it progresses. That's what gets me. Feels good to put it into words!
  8. four of seven gets better every time. I already liked it but now I *really* like it. weird
  9. Yeah, the Showbox was 2015 I'm pretty sure, that was my first ae show and my second live show ever, great stuff. Neptune would be the shit
  10. I knew I should've just bought the damn CDs from the start
  11. Not weird at all! :) I was doing the exact same thing and Untilted was hitting me in all the right ways and I was loving it, even moreso than before. Crazy stuff
  12. all end would've been great on my walk to the beach last saturday. It was cold and overcast. Guess I'll have to go back!
  13. I really really like that oversteppy track. songs like krylon, yuop, see on see, I love that shit
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