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  1. I continue to find this to be the album of 2020. Like precognitive. Already topical with climate change and what not. But I will forever have memories of driving 90 mph on empty Los Angeles in what should have been rush hour during the height of the pandemic quarantine blasting this. Then became perfect for the social unrest following George Floyd. Just in general seems to get the frenzy and pace of life in 2020. Both ominous and ecstatic at the same time. Love it. (Usually just repeat the first three tracks though).
  2. Reminder: Everyone wash/scrub your hands
  3. Loving this one. I'm not sure if its music or assault, but its great. Visceral AF. Rakkine is some sort of perfect encapsulation of the modern world with its frenetic pace. PS my favorite Vladislav Delay record is probably Kuopio
  4. Sim Gishel is the most underrated track on Confield.
  5. I prefer the Field's more epic tracks and those are more atmospheric and less 4/4 kick in the front. In particular I'd say I prefer like his "dark" albums on the whole at this point. This one took me a bit longer to get into but now I'd rate it about equal to Cupid's Head overall and only a little behind less strong than the Follower. I'm probably in the minority that Divide Now and Hear Your Voice are my least favorites. The opener, Made of Steel Made of Stone is my favorite- one of the best he's done. Then the second half all sort of equally. Taking a more serious listen to Hear Your Voice
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wXDnJt3cUI
  7. 1. Draun Quarter 2. Rae 3. Vlet 4.. Nonima 5. Altichyre 6. Pir 7. Krib 8. Syptixed 9. Nine 10. e0
  8. The high pitch is definitely deliberate. And for me it wasn't really that hi, or grating after weeks of listening to NTS 1-4. I kinda dig it actually. Reminds more a bit of the brief high pitched beeps in Comfortably Numb. PS I think I officially like this one better than Narkopop as well.
  9. So does rausch translate from German as intoxicated or frenzy>? I thought the former is what he was going for. Pitchfork's review says "frenzy"
  10. Rausch 3 is among the best tracks in the Gas catalogue (even though it really is sort of a continuous deal with 2 and 4). Pleasantly surprised as while I like densely layered strings the non beat tracks on Narkopop tended to be a little heavily that. Rausch recycles elements throughout the 60 minutes in really excellent ways.
  11. frane casual is officially underrated, not that I'd vote it #1 (column thirteen by a large margin) but it is an amazing track. It's the lounge jazz cousin of xflood.
  12. A lot of the amorphous NTS 3 is growing on me. I'm still not certain it's top echelon because my perspective is - is icari really bringing it for 19+ minutes? etc. Same issue with t1a1, which is really really like. Some of the really long tracks are slow burns ... and I guess don't feel epic, although I enjoy Ae basically releasing the full iteration of their ideas for a track (which these are). There's enough mindblowing shit interpersed that all NTS' are great releases, I'm just not ready to call some of these 15+ minute tracks (other than violvoic) on par with the best tracks in the catalo
  13. To all those resisting the supremacy of NTS 2. It's inevitable. Relax and enjoy it.
  14. Theory: g 1 e 1 is intended to be played at a quiet volume. I've played it in several modalities (car, small speakers. main stereo rig, headphones) and it always has passages that buzz/distort on the speakers when you blast it. This was bugging me, so I found the volume level where this never happens. And POP, the track gets (even more) magical. I believe they designed it intentionally to be played at low volume. In addition to the speaker overload, the variances in volume flatten out at lower volume, and it is super quiet in sections to begin with with the faux fade outs. The main mel
  15. Upon listening again NTS3 really is all over the place and just outright weird. Some of these tracks may take awhile to click. Some I may never like. A few I already love (clustro casual, acid wman idle, g 1 e 1, and shimripl air) .. mostly on the warm, ambient side.
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