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  1. Wow, just WOW! RDJ was like in his 20's at the end of the 80's-early 90's? So off course his music won't be the same as he grew up... Plus he was influenced by Mike Dred for his early acid stuff, and even before that by Larry Heard, etc... How can you even try to compare those influences? Before AFX was imitating Squarepusher there was Luke Vibert's Plug EP's... and even then what's wrong about it? Yeah off course aphex chased Squarepusher, so did Mu-Zik, and countless other people... but it brought a LOT of good music. Squarepusher, whathever you might think of him, did change 'the game' as much as making music went; Feed me Weird Things and Hard Normal Daddy (not to mention the early ep's) where totally mind-blowing at the time, everybody realised that you could bend your machines to play THAT kind of music, nobody made it like him before... Fucking respect please!
  2. Those basslines. Has anyone tried copying these syroish basslines? I think it's part the little slips of octave-jumping portamentos but there's something uniqu about them harmonically as well... can't quite wrap my head around them synthesis-wise. Exactly! But the Th'Idiot EP was before Syro I think. I try to do these pitch changing bassline, can't deliver :D AFX can do it like no one else...
  3. This track is better than anything on the Collapse EP in my honest opinion You mean FUCK YES DJ SPUNK FOREVA!!!
  4. You have got to known it before? :) (Isn't it you who spoke about Zilty ITT? can't be arsed to look after the post... but it made me remember the good old days, with oscillik also :p) In my last post, when I speak about cheethah ep I'm speaking primarily of the first track
  5. Well, I read all the thread these last few weeks, trying not to cave in (big up to those who still are), and not respond ITT. But now I have... A few points if you please lol First - About the 96Kbps : The leak sure sounds good for the bitrate, but honestly with my shit headphones I still hear all the usual distortion and artifacts from that bitrate. But everybody ITT who thinks they're gonna like it more in better quality, remember the old aphex recordings who where full "problems" sound quality wise; aphex/afx never was about sound quality... Second - About the TrapGate : Some of it to me sounds like a nod to Ufabulum. I'm not denying the influence of trap or Jlin, but I'm not really sure it's only from there that he got the inspiration. Third - Innovative or Not? : I don't really care usually. But the full spread of this thread lead me to speak my mind... I REALLY don't find this EP to be innovative in the broad sense of the term but I suspect some people maybe "surprised" at the rythmes that are not classic aphex (for them). It's always been like that with him. Bottom line : This EP I think (IMO) is really good, like realllllly goooood. But I thought Cheetah was more "surprising" "innovative" than this. Bonus thing : Seriously nobody here on WATMM thinks that the beginning of Collapse 69 (especially the bassline) just sounds very much like... This :
  6. johnnix

    G Six?

    G Six? As a non American speaking person I seek to understand what it stands for... Help WATMM Thanks.
  7. fucking hell, it looks more like a small dog? Whatever fits in 'those times' hey? :D
  8. As a music maker you have to appreciate the work; it's quite praising to think that someone put so much work into it I think
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