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  1. secularlove

    US dates

    How long did the supporting acts play for?
  2. Track listing: 1. Intro 2. Backwards 3. Amber Rain 4. Fire Of The Green Dragon 5. Be Careful What You Wish For 6. Nature Is A Language 7. Heaven’s Blade 8. CopaCaballa 9. Paint Me As A Dead Soul 10. AYOR (It’s In My Blood) 11. A Cold Cell 12. Fire Of The Mind Pre-order here. Who else is excited?!
  3. secularlove

    US dates

    Etymotic ER20 (or Hearo Hi-Fidelity plugs, which are the same thing), but it's a bit of a pain in the ass figuring out which size to get the first time (basically buy both the large and the "standard" (small) and try them and eat the cost). And I usually bring a pair or two of cheap foamies that will cut 32 dB, just in case it's absolutely brutal; though the foamies muddy the highs too much. The ER20s will only cut around 12-20 dB with less of an impact on clarity, though there is still an impact. Also make sure you twist them when you pull them out, I fucked my eardrum on Saturday at a concert with an absent-minded pull-out, and I totally knew better. So no ringing or muddied sound post concert, but two days of ear popping and painful yawns). Oops. See, I wasn't sure if I should go the ER20s or the ETY Plugs. The Etymotic website has an ETY Plug combo w/ both sizes for the same price as the ER20s which is quite tempting. I don't go to concerts much, but my right ear hasn't been picking up bass all that great lately and higher frequencies are beginning to hurt. Thanks for convicing me to go with Etymotic though!
  4. secularlove

    US dates

    What earplugs do you guys recommend?
  5. I had rattatouille w/ rice, avocado & seaweed. Was great!
  6. I miiiight be going to the Austin date. It all depends on if I'm able to make the 5 hour drive there lol.
  7. What do you guys think of the new track, Vanity? Sounds more or less the same as Xen.
  8. CD. If I'm gonna spend my money I better be getting something physical.
  9. I hate myself for missing out, but then again I had so long to pay and I put it off until it was too late. :(
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