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  1. Lesley

    ? - twels

    Faucon's great, sounds like Snares to me though. twels sounds lke someone from watmm trying to sound like ae.
  2. OP delivered. Thanks, can't wait to listen
  3. The minotaur could just walk out of the maze though, there's no dead ends, it's just one path in and out.
  4. The second half of this is fucking Please let there be better recordings!
  5. Lesley


    Best review yet
  6. Highly enjoyable, especially between scanlines.
  7. imo the kaoss seed tracks are pimp. I'd love an album of them, they put me right in the nostalgia zone of Japanese PS1 games and Arnie movies.
  8. Red Orange 2 is my fave. "A window opens to an archway" Reminds me of the guy from Just an Illusion by Zoviet France
  9. "shit down your throat, cos ur a cunt" LMAO I can't wait for this!
  10. Tough to choose between Glasgow, Domino and Krakow for me. But I'll go for Domino, It's just pure power from beginning to end, that section from roughly 18.00 to 30.00 with my fave bit from 24:00 to 30.00 is fucking amazing. I think I described it before as like being lowered in to hell, then you've got the whale noises bits, the bit at 40.00 with the great beats, fuck I'm listening now.
  11. Nice, Plenty of time to save up some moolah and lose some embarassing belly fat.
  12. There's noises in the voice/melody in Flutter that make me think of the sound saliva makes when someone talks. Would be pretty cool if it was intentional.
  13. Lesley

    Rare pics of Ae

    you can taste the sweat
  14. Nice! Some new bits near the end I think, sounded good.
  15. Thanks! Downloading from Bleep now, sounds hype.
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