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  1. The only thing more fucked up is that this type of cop shit happens so much in America, people are getting desensitized by it.
  2. watch them dump a new album out a year later
  3. Here's hoping I can find this when it releases at my local record store.
  4. Yang was too good for this world and Bernie's old, so I'm gonna bet that Biden's gonna get that bid. Status quo, here we go.
  5. I bet those burgers dye your shit neon colours
  6. How am I going to hear all of my shitty rappers with names like "Lil Poop Rat" now?
  7. Hoping I am a Very Rude Person is on here.
  8. Gyroscopic


    you gotta make the logo reference every IDM artist in existance
  9. Picked up Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin and that Record Store Day pressing of the Transformers sountrack.
  10. They're even progier than normal
  11. and they say the watmm chat was dead

  12. Man, the forum's been really slow for me. Just logging in took me at least 2 minutes.
  13. Why doesn't he fuck with us and release SAW 4 instead of SAW 3
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