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  1. If you're into synth music made with odd tunings, definitely check out the album Beauty In The Beast by Wendy Carlos. May be hard to find online but I'm sure a bit of digging will turn it up...
  2. I've got a track in the works for this, it just needs finishing off! Not sure whether it'll be up to compilation standard but having an end goal like this is actually a great kick up the arse in terms of getting things done
  3. Those Stephen Gammell illustrations were a mainline to the uncanny. Way scarier than the stories themselves as I recall, the source of many a childhood shiver. Agreed with LoG as being in the folk-horror ballpark. Also check out The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley, it's a cracking recent folk-horror novel, would strongly recommend it.
  4. +1 for a Digipak with nice art, I think blind voting's a good idea too. Compilations popping up everywhere this weather what with the Snare Rush one as well! Going to get some cracker tunes out of this
  5. I'd pay good money to hear this, could end up being dire though. But if it came off, hoooo boy
  6. I'd definitely add M.R. James into the book pile, plus the '70s BBC adaptations of his stories.
  7. @Fletch, nice one, that's going to look sick. Snare Rush 6 was top notch btw 😉
  8. Holy shit man, that looks like paradise!
  9. Ghoulish indeed ^ Kind of topic related; when I was in primary school there was a book in the library about ghosts that scared the absolute tits off me at the time and has been haunting my memory (sorry) on and off for years ever since; could never quite remember the name though. Imagine how buzzed I was to see this the other day: https://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2019/jun/12/ghosts-shaped-my-life-out-of-print-childrens-classic-to-be-resurrected I was reading through the article thinking, "it's not the ghost book, it can't be that ghost book," but sure enough, that's the one that caused numerous sleepless nights; the mighty Usborne World of Ghosts. Lovely to read through the comments and see multitudes of other people were just as shat up by it was I was; will definitely be gripping a copy when it comes out.
  10. Going to do a deep listen when I get in from work, this'll be savage gear. Cheers Reg and Don!
  11. Good to have yis back. Invision Power Services most/least IDM 2019
  12. Haha, this is brilliant; sounds kind of Druqksy in places
  13. Two episodes into Chernobyl, excellent stuff imo; beautifully shot and scored In terms of theme and vibe it's basically Tomorrow's Harvest: The Show I didn't expect to like Fleabag because of the hype train but nope, it was brilliant and funny as fuck
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