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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGT7hCdEL1o
  2. Spun the CD last night, it's ace! Yeah I dig the narrative approach, really lends coherency to the whole thing, keep 'er up
  3. ^ Lovely post man, very lyrically put. Poor man's choice/ 'Not Actually a Sampler' option: Boss BR-600 It's a digital multitrack thing designed for guitarists to record crap bedroom opuses on, but you can force it into sampler duty. It lets you throw over the built-in drum sounds for ones sampled off the 8 tracks, so workflow is: record sample onto tracks 1 and 2 > chop to desired length and assign to the rubber pads on the right > put into drum mode and play your samples like a cheapo MPC. Used to have loads of fun doing short tracks like that, e.g: The inbuilt effects are actually half-decent, probably similar to what you'd get on a SP303.
  4. Man, that sounds great, it polishes it up and brings out the mix elements nicely- thank you for taking the time to give it some love. You know your trade!
  5. Cheers for this man, great to get a look under the hood at someone else's approach!
  6. I’m not a natural drone/noise guy but this is great, it’s brutal and heavy but listenable too. Proper tactile quality to that main drone, what’d you use for that if you don’t mind me asking? Mastering sounds spot-on to my ears, for what it’s worth. The ST logo looks great, bit of a folky, witchy vibe going on, fits the theme like a glove. I bet Cwmbrancity would dig this too, seems up his street. Have scored a cheeky physical copy, haven’t gotten acquainted with a wee 3” disc until now. I think a bit of lockdown madness is par for the course; keep on keeping on, man. Keen to see what you’re cooking up for the next EP!
  7. Someone's welcome to take a punt at this if they fancy it, I'm happy with the track and the mix but it is what it is, i.e. bedroom/hobbyist level. I've always been shy of compression, just beginning to learn my way around it so my stuff's always on the quiet side. Also, incredibly basic-arsed question, but when you're sending stuff to a M.E. do you generally send a finished track or do you send them the stems? Letter.wav
  8. Anytime I see one of these arranger keyboards I feel like they're just waiting for someone with the right mindset to come along and make facemelting tracks with them. Going super-deep with just one bit of kit was how a lot of the great '90s Warp stuff was made (give or take), and I feel like there's a lot of potential for creative use/abuse going unexplored with these, if someone decided to take it beyond the cheesy dadcore market they're aimed at...
  9. I don't use a tonne of VSTs-as-instruments but I've alway loved Tweakbench's Tapeworm plug (specifically the flute patch): It has a dusty kind of sound that falls right where I want it to sonics-wise in a track. Ridiculously simple design as well.
  10. This is a thread for vanished/archaic/lost VSTs that make you misty-eyed. Post plugins that you used and loved which have disappeared from the face of the earth, or just don’t see much use anymore. They don’t have to be ‘good’ as such, just stuff with character that you had a connection to. This is a weird thread for me to start because I don’t actually use VSTs that much, plus I’m aware how ridiculous it is to get nostalgic over plugins, but fuck it. [thread prompted by me finding an old CD from Computer Music magazine that has a medley of outmoded soft synths full of cheesy trance presets] Edit: just saw Brisbot's 'Most Unique VSTs' thread, hope this doesn't cover too much of the same ground!
  11. A few tracks dusted off from the archives. https://tanizaki.bandcamp.com/album/museum-haze Peace.
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